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Big savings - brilliant tricks with Zeek discounted gift cards.

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Big savings – brilliant tricks with Zeek discounted gift cards.

Did you know that you can now buy discounted gift cards?

I used to buy a gift card only when I had run out of inspiration.  The last resort was a gift card, because I didn’t know what to buy the person, and a gift card seemed a sensible option.  After reading research by UKGCVA showing that £300 million of them go unspent each year, I am now not so sure.

There is always the question of which card to buy.

Woebetide the auntie who buys a Next gift card, when the grungy teenager wouldn’t be seen dead in there.  Or the Waterstone’s card for the poor mum, who used to love reading, now barely finding the time to read the instructions on the boil in the bag rice.  She’s too busy whipping up a stir fry with one hand, helping the aforementioned grungy grumpy teenager with homework, and feeding the cat that everyone wanted, but no-one else bothers with.  Where has she got time to read, never mind actually go to Waterstone’s to spend the gift card.  Then the golf gift card for dad.  It seemed like a good idea, but everyone has forgotten that since he donned the lycra the MAMIL has retired his golf clubs to the loft.

A well-meaning gift card, bought with love and intention can end up unspent, forgotten about until the blooming thing has expired and gets thrown in the bin.  What a waste.

A simple solution

discounted gift cards

The clever people at Zeek realised the nation was missing a trick with unspent gift cards.  Setting up a website for buying and selling discounted gift cards was a genius idea.  People can sell gift cards, having the cash instead.  Other people can buy these cards at a discounted rate.


Because it is an online marketplace, you can never guarantee which stores have discounted cards available, but a quick check reveals over 150 different stores featuring today.  This will change every day, so it’s worth checking in frequently if you are looking for a specific store.

I now try to avoid buying gift cards for presents, because I hate the idea of them going to waste.

However, I still buy gift cards and I buy lots of them!


Because it saves me money.

Here are 4 great ways of saving by buying discounted gift cards on Zeek

Buying gifts

discounted gift cards

Whether it’s Christmas, birthday, baby or wedding presents, I decide what I am buying, then check Zeek for a discounted gift card for the shop I am purchasing in.  Very often they have one and I purchase a discounted gift card, either an in store or an online one.  The in store one will be posted and generally arrives quickly, then I go into the store and buy the present.  Alternatively, an online gift card is delivered to your Zeek wallet and can be used immediately.

My kids are all into sport, so often I buy them sporty pressies. On Zeek today there are 6 sport related retailers, with discounted gift cards ranging from 1% to 47%.  Last month Sports Direct was 5% discount, so I purchased a £100 gift card and saved an extra £5.00.  It’s not a huge saving, but adding up spending on presents over a year, even a 5% discount will soon start to mount up.


There are also discounted gift cards for various fashion retailers, book stores, jewelery and electronics, with discounts ranging from 1% – 19%.  Why not check out the range of stores available to see just how many popular stores are represented?

School Uniform

With 3 kids to kit out for school each year, the cost of that really mounts up.  Because Zeek has amazing long expiry dates on most of their gift cards, throughout the year I login and buy discounted gift cards for use in the summer.  It used to be Marks and Spencers and Clarks discounted gift cards I was searching for, but now it’s River Island, New Look, Schuh and ASOS which are my top picks for saving a fortune on school uniform.  There are discounted gift cards of up to 9% available for these brands today.

Having fun

group of friends

For me, being careful with money isn’t about being miserable.  It is about reducing the cost of things that don’t matter, so that we have MORE money to enjoy!  That’s why we like to spend on holidays, fun and spending time with friends & family.  If I am going to the theatre, a concert or the cinema, the first place I will check is Zeek.   There are discounted gift cards for Ticketmaster, Cineworld and Theatre Tokens today at up to 22% discount.  There are also travel, hotel, restaurants and spa gift cards offered at up to 64% discount, so it is well worth checking Zeek before you book.

Household purchases

discounted gift cards

When purchasing new household items, such as electronics, furniture, soft furnishings and even DIY items, check Zeek.  When saving up for a specific piece, checking in often and buying gift cards will help to spread the cost as well as reducing it.  Discounted gift cards for John Lewis, Debenhams, Tesco and Argos are all available today.

I reckon that using Zeek and TopCashback saves me over £1000 on my purchases.  That’s a lot of money to have fun with!

Click here to get a FREE £3 and get started with Zeek today 

Another great trick for shopping with Zeek is to go through TopCashback for every purchase that you make on Zeek.  Using TopCashback, means you will receive £1.05 into your cashback account when you make a purchase from Zeek.

Click here for a FREE £5 and start saving with TopCashback


Using Zeek gift cards to pay for your purchases is that it is just like using cash or card.  You can also search for a discount code online or apply any sales codes at the checkout, before paying.

For more tips on how to make the most of your money, and have more money to spend on the things you love, sign up below.  You will get also get freebie top tips to make £1000

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Eileen x



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