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Are you:


Fed up worrying about money?

Sick of living from payday to payday?

Feeling anxious about the credit card bill?

Worried about having very little savings?

Tired of the constant stress that it causes?


A money coach could be the answer to your problems!  Read on to see how having your own personal finance coach could change your life.


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Money Success Made Simple is a quick & easy money management course to help busy women be happier, healthier and wealthier.

Money Success Made Simple promises quick results, at a fantastic price, to help you live the life you deserve.

It will give you:

  • more money in your hand

  • confidence in your money management

  • control over your money

  • peace of mind

  • a plan for a stable & secure future

  • a QUICK solution, in a few hours

Although it is a quick fix, it also has a system that means you can get your money stuff sorted quickly and easily now and for the future.

You will get:

  • Masses of support from me, your online financial coach

  • A speedy and simple solution for you

  • An easy step-by-step process for you to follow

  • More money for everything that’s important to you

  • A super simple and effective system of managing money

I am so excited about this.  I believe it is exactly what you want, and will help you to achieve quick results, at a great price.


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How it works

  • Step 1 (60 minutes)  Collate income and expenses for a given period
  • Step 2 (2 minutes)  Send it to me, your money coach, then put your feet up!
  • Step 3 (Relax!)  I analyse your info, and send a report, packed with personalised recommendations for making savings/increasing income
  • Step 4 (30 minutes)  Set clear goals for the future, based on feedback from me
  • Step 5 (30 minutes)  Create appropriate action plan with support, to get quick results
  • Step 6 (2 x 5 hours) GET IT DONE sessions!  Two LIVE sessions to put in your diary, simply to GET IT DONE!
  • Step 7 (45 minutes)  Values analysis to focus spending on the things you love
  • Step 8 (45 minutes)  Identify poor habits, and create more helpful ones
  • Step 9 (60 minutes)  Create, with support,  a simple money management system that works for you and your family.
  • Step 10 (30 minutes)  Considering progress, create a further set of actions for completion in your own time, if appropriate.




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What support is available from me?

  • Your own money coach

  • Individual, personalised feedback

  • LIVE support in 2 GET IT DONE sessions

  • support available online, over the phone, and via messenger throughout all 10 steps


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Why work with me?

I am a busy, working mum, who has real life experience of finding it hard to make ends meet, after a surprise set of twins meant that I had 3 mouths to feed, instead of the 2 we had planned. The stress of having 3 under 2 meant that I had to reduce my working hours, and although it helped the everyday stresses, we found it really difficult financially. After a few years of feeling stuck and helpless, I decided to get it sorted!  A major financial overhaul, and some work on my money mindset, has meant that we now have money for all the fun things in life again, and our whole family is much happier.

I have now packaged everything that I have learned into courses to help you to achieve the same success!

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  • BEd (Hons) and 25 years’ teaching experience
  • Fully certified Financial Coach and Life Coach
  • 5 star reviews from all previous clients
  • Shortlisted for Best Personal Finance blog at UK Money Bloggers Awards 2018


Or thinking that you can do this yourself, so why pay for a money coach?  

You might have promised to make a budget, or do that free course you signed up to months ago?  That you will open that savings account? Or tidy that paperwork? Have you done it yet?


Will you do it on your own?

Unlikely.  Life is busy.  There are so many drains on your time. Another month passes, another year passes and what happens?


So let’s get it sorted now, and make 2019 an awesome one.

Money Success Made Simple will make you so excited and energised.  You will WANT to complete the tasks, even without the accountability & support that the GET IT DONE sessions offer.

Don’t waste another minute.

Come and join me today.

You can sign up right now at only £29, and a further 3 payments of £29.  


you can save £17 by paying in full for £99.  



Places are really limited, due to the huge amount of support I am giving, so please don’t miss out on the chance to have your own personal finance coach.

Don’t forget that I also offer a full money back guarantee, so you literally have nothing to lose.  I want happy, satisfied clients, so if you don’t think it offers great value, then I am happy to refund you.

Money coaching could just be the answer for you.

You don’t need to look any further to find a financial coach or search for different money mentors.  I am confident that with the reputation of my financial coaching business, and my excellent value financial coach fees you will find that you are in exactly the right place.


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Let’s just get started now.

PAY £29 today and 3 further payments of £29



If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask me.

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"sandieI learned about my habits, personality and attitude towards money and faced my fears, taking my head out of the sand!  The structure of the course suited me as it was in bite sized daily chunks and for anyone who is worried about the work load I did it and I am a full time teacher with 2 children who was also training for a marathon!! If you want to make changes then you will find the time. Eileen is very supportive and always available for feedback and to answer any questions and I also found the contact with the other participants really useful. All in all a brilliant course – Cheers Eileen!"

Sandie - Dumfries
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