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Fast-Track Money Course

If you haven’t already then please sign up to my FREE 8 step Your Money Sorted Plan to get the basics sorted.

If you are ready to get Your Money Sorted, then why not take the fast track?

What will you get on the fast-track plan?

  • Online money courses, with 5 star reviews, all available 24/7
  • Secret, fast-track Facebook group filled with like-minded women
  • Online financial coaching from me
  • No judgement, only support from me and the other fast-track members
  • 30 day money back guarantee for each course


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Step 1- Change Your Money Story

This money course will help you to:


  • work out why you struggle with money
  • improve your relationship with money
  • increase your financial confidence
  • feel empowered about taking control
  • reduce stress around money
  • feel calmer about future planning

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Step 2 – Magic Money Manifestation

This money course will help you to:


  • learn simple ways of having MORE money in your life
  • clear out the crap that’s holding you back
  • be empowered & enthusiastic about moving forward
  • feel calmer & happier about money
  • feel positive & excited about the future
  • have MORE money to spend on things you love

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Step 3 – Finance for Freedom

This money course will help you to:

  • Understand WHY you have had issues with money
  • AND know what to do about it
  • Be confident about making big money decisions
  • Feel emotionally and financially strong
  • Know the vital figures and manage them with ease
  • Have money for ALL the things that are important to you
  • Feel secure and calm, with a fund for emergencies
  • Be motivated and excited as you become debt-free
  • Feel prepared and proud, as you provide for your children
  • Be excited and inspired, with incredible goals for retirement
  • Feel happy, passionate and proud of your achievements
  • Look forward to the future, knowing you are financially secure

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Coaching Services

Money Success Made Simple - Your Money Coach

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Magic Money Manifestation online course

Attract more money into your life and be inspired about the opportunities and possibilities this will create

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BEST Christmas ever: Spend less, stress less

Feel excited, motivated and strong as you plan a wonderful Christmas, while avoiding the pressure to overspend

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Change Your Money Story - 5 day money challenge

Work out what is holding you back financially and have more money for the things that you love

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Finance for Freedom - Master your money in 28 days

How would you feel if you had enough money to allow you to live the life you want? Work out your path to financial freedom and feel happier, healthier and wealthier

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"arleneMy whole attitude to what my financial future can hold has changed, I have my head out of the sand & can see light at the end of the tunnel & this is due to the guidance & support Eileen has given me during the course & since. The course has been easy to follow and Eileen has been on hand 24/7 with invaluable advice & support. Thank you so much Eileen xx"

Arlene, Dumfries
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