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Do you want to still be teaching in your late 60’s?


You are not alone – 81% of teachers* want to be retired by the age of 60, but only 5% know that they can afford to retire then.

Wouldn’t it be great to know that you:

  • are in control and able to retire when you want to?
  • know how much you are likely to need to have a comfortable retirement?
  • know how much your likely retirement income will be?
  • are confident that you will have enough money to spend doing the things you love, with the people you love?

Wouldn’t that be amazing?



But is it really possible?

The reality is that it all that seems so far away.

It’s impossible to know if you can retire before you drop dead in the classroom, so you are just hoping for the best.

You don’t have any extra money to invest in your future anyway.  You can’t magic it out of nowhere, so what’s the point in even thinking about it?

It’s just not the case?

You CAN change your situation and I can help you to create a plan to get Your Money Sorted for Retirement.

You can feel calm and in control; happy and relaxed; stable and secure about your future.


Do you relate to any of the following?

Are you:

  • concerned that your teachers’ pension is not adequate
  • someone who has had a break from teaching or are teaching part-time
  • perhaps wanting to retire early from teaching
  • pushing retirement worries to the back of your mind
  • ready to take action and start planning
  • willing to believe that you CAN change your future?



If any of these sound like you, then read on.



Teachers’ pensions are an ongoing discussion in the staffroom.  The changes are confusing.   The fact that the retirement age is increasing is a source of stress for many.

Is it really possible for a teacher perform effectively in their late 60’s?  What do the changes mean for you?  Will you have to work well into your 60’s?

You know that you are not the only one who is confused – many other teachers feel the same.

But you are not sure what you can do about it.

You don’t know where to start.


That’s where the Teachers’ Pensions Retirement Planning course can help.


It will help you to:

  • feel confident that you can retire when you want
  • feel confident that you will have your desired income
  • be excited and energised about plans for your future
  • be empowered to take more control of your money
  • enjoy the feeling of being in control of your situation
  • increase your confidence in managing your retirement
  • reduce stress around retirement
  • enjoy your career more, knowing that you can retire when you choose



On the course you will:

  • visualise your ideal retirement
  • set exciting goals for your retirement
  • calculate your ideal retirement income
  • calculate your predicted retirement income
  • gain an understanding of teachers’ pensions
  • be positive and energised about taking action
  • consider different options for retirement
  • be motivated and confident about moving forward
  • be inspired by other teachers with exciting plans for retirement
  • create a detailed plan, and series of goals for improvement




What will you get on the course?

  • a simple, step-by-step process to follow
  • 6 thought-provoking and useful modules
  • tasks to complete at a time and place that suits you
  • individual course booklets to record your thoughts
  • 24/7 access online
  • anonymous sign up
  • support and encouragement from the rest of the group


Taking the time NOW to look at your future, and start planning more effectively for that, is the most valuable investment that you can make.

Knowing that you have plans in place NOW to allow you to live the life you want in retirement, will give you peace of mind and financial security.

Knowing that you can leave teaching when YOU choose, rather than having to stay until you can afford to leave is priceless.

And this course can help you to get started on this TODAY.

What do previous clients say?

“I feel excited now that I know a lot more about my options and I can take action on the financial aspect of my future”

“It made me feel more in control of my pension.  I am now more motivated to achieve my goals”

“I loved taking the time to think about what I actually want from retirement”

“A great step-by-step approach that leads you carefully through considering your current situation to what your dream retirement would look like”

The course offers amazing value at ONLY £49


ONLY £49 – Sign me up today

I promise that this course could help you to make a real difference to your future.

However, I know that you are not sure if it is for you.

You are unsure about paying money to plan a retirement that seems so far away.

You don’t want to waste money on a course that might not help.

I get all that.  It’s so difficult to know who to trust and who not to trust.  Especially when it comes to money and finance.

That’s why I offer a full 30 day money back guarantee.  If you complete the course, and are not 100% happy, I will give you a full refund.



I know that you might still have questions about the course, so I have tried to answer as many as I can below.


I am not sure that this course is for me. Can you explain who it is suitable for?

This course will help you to clear up any confusion about teachers’ pensions.  If you don’t want to continue teaching until your mid/late 60’s, are unsure about when you can afford to retire or what to do about it, then this is the course for you. If the thought of still teaching until 67 or 68 fills you with dread, then come along and complete my course.  It will motivate and inspire you to look at different options for retirement planning.

When does the course start?

This is a self-study online course, and will be available immediately.  You will also have lifetime access to this course and the information in it.


I’m interested, but I just don’t think I will have time for it. What can you suggest?

If you truly want to ensure that you achieve your ideal retirement, then you will make time. It can be completed totally online, so you are able to access it wherever and whenever you want. You can complete it by doing small chunks each day, or by dedicating a whole day to it at the weekend. It’s your choice, and if you really want to ensure that you can create your ideal retirement, then it’s up to you to make the time.


Why can’t I learn all of this myself from books and internet?  Why do I need your course?

Teachers’ pensions are confusing, but retirement planning is necessary if you don’t want to stay in the classroom until your late 60’s.  There is a wealth of information out there – much of the information on the course can be found on the internet.

However, I have created a step-by-step process which provides you with only the information that you need. This ensures that you move through the course quickly and efficiently, thereby saving you hours of time.

I love the sound of it, but it just seems so hard to take the plunge. Have you got any advice?

My clients have described my courses as exciting, motivating, inspiring and life-changing. The hardest thing about it is making the decision to join – once you have done that, the rest is easy!

Why should I invest the money in this course?

With 85% of my previous clients agreeing that my courses offer excellent value for money, you can be assured that you are making an amazing investment in your future.

Remember too, that I offer a full money back guarantee if you are not 100% happy.  If you complete the course and do not think it offers good value for money, please send me your completed booklet and I will refund you.



All yours for only £49!

Are you in?


If you have any questions that are not answered above, then please just email me.  I am always delighted to hear from my followers and I can assure you that

I will reply to you personally, as soon as I can.

Eileen x

Eileen Adamson Your Money Sorted


*2016 survey

What do previous clients have to say?

“I loved taking the time to think about what I actually want from retirement”

“A great step-by-step approach that leads you carefully through considering your current situation to what your dream retirement would look like”

“I feel excited now that I know a lot more about my options and I can take action on the financial aspect of my future”

“It made me feel more in control of my pension.  I am now more motivated to achieve my goals”



"karrieEileen is absolutely fab. A great course with such great support. Since completing the course I have saved myself so much money and most importantly I'm aware of where I was wasting money. Always there for support and encouragement and a listening ear. Without a doubt I'd recommend the service to people, Thank you xx"

Karrie - Dumfries
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