If you are fed up of feeling anxious and worried about money, then look no further! 

My life-changing money courses will help you increase your financial security, by paying off debt, mastering your money & planning for the future.

Most of my money courses are self-study, though occasionally I run them as live courses, where you will get individual feedback and coaching from me, a qualified money coach. 

Are you?
a busy woman struggling with money, with no time to fix it?
How will it help?
  • identify the money blocks that are holding you back
  • implement simple systems to pay off debt & build savings
  • banish guilt, reduce stress and FEEL GREAT about money
Are you?
a female teacher, wanting to feel calm & in control of your money
How will it help?
  • feel good about money, enjoy life more and feel like YOU again
  • reduce stress levels & create time for you & your family
  • pay off debt, make smart savings & build wealth
Are you?
a UK based teacher who wants to retire early
How will it help?
  • know your ideal and predicted income in retirement
  • be empowered to take more control of your own retirement
  • identify the steps needed for an exciting, well-deserved, early retirement