Free Resources

Guide to becoming debt-free

Practical help in paying off debt
  • Calmer and more in control
  • Simple guide - steps to take
  • Be motivated to WANT to pay it off
  • Compare different scenarios

Teacher Tax Reclaim - Free

Average rebate around £250
  • Easy to use template letter
  • Just add personal details
  • Details of fees paid over 4 years
  • Then just post it and wait!

Improve Teacher Wellbeing

10 simple habits you will love
  • Feel more in control of life
  • Feel happier & more content
  • Feel more positive about school
  • Start taking control today

Financial Security for Teachers

How to get started today
  • Release fears of the future
  • Financially resilient & secure
  • Provide great experiences for you and your family
  • Enjoy life to the full now

Speedy Report Writing

High-quality pupil reports
  • Reduce time spent on reports
  • Access shared comment banks
  • Step-by-step setup instructions
  • System colleagues & I use

Teachers' Retirement Planning

Can you retire when you want to?
  • Find out your pension’s worth
  • Get state pension statement
  • Calculate ideal retirement income
  • Estimate retirement income

Free Emergency Fund Challenge

Add £500 to an emergency fund
  • Have a savings buffer
  • Be calm & more in control
  • Be able to make good financial decisions
  • Avoid bad debts

Change Your Money Story

Like to feel great about money?
  • Be excited for the future
  • Feel empowered; in control
  • See what’s holding you back & create new habits
  • Have more money for fun