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My life-changing Your Money Sorted online courses will transform your finances.

change your money story

Exciting 5 day course helps to create a happy relationship with money

  • be excited about how your future could look
  • investigate your current money story
  • work out what is holding you back
  • start to change your money mindset
  • feel empowered about taking control
  • more money for the things you love

magic money manifestation

Fun, thought-provoking & inspiring 5 day course to attract more money

  • attract more money into your life
  • feel excited about the possibilities
  • clear out the crap that is holding you back
  • find ways to make the magic happen
  • feel empowered about creating more money
  • have more money for fun


finance for freedom

 Life-changing 28 day course to master your money

  • excited about your future
  • calm,confident and secure about money
  • create a stable & secure future
  • free to make choices that work for you & your family
  • More TIME to enjoy with the people you love
  • MORE money for the things that matter to YOU


teachers retirement planning

 Motivational & inspirational course for a secure,happy retirement

  • relaxed and secure about retirement
  • stress free, calm and relaxed about money
  • positive, excited and energised about your financial situation
  • confident making difficult financial decisions
  • able to enjoy life fully, while still being prepared for retirement






Coaching Services

FREE Saving an Emergency Fund challenge

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Magic Money Manifestation

Attract more money into your life and be inspired about the opportunities and possibilities this will create

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BEST Christmas ever: Spend less, stress less

Feel excited, motivated and strong as you plan a wonderful Christmas, while avoiding the pressure to overspend

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Change Your Money Story - 5 day money challenge

Work out what is holding you back financially and have more money for the things that you love

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Finance for Freedom - Master your money in 28 days

How would you feel if you had enough money to allow you to live the life you want? Work out your path to financial freedom and feel happier, healthier and wealthier

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"jessicaI had a bit of an ostrich approach to finances. Eileen's course has showed me what information and services are out there, it was engaging and interesting and I have really enjoyed the financial review. Her approach is very relaxed, supportive and encouraging and she has definitely challenged my thinking. I would highly recommend the Your Money Sorted course for anyone who is looking to make positive changes."

Jessica - Bo'ness
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