Can you afford to leave teaching?

Are you dreaming about leaving teaching?

Perhaps thinking about early retirement?

Or considering teaching part-time?

If so, you are not alone.

Even prior to Covid, research showed a large percentage of teachers were wanting to leave the profession.

Is it any wonder? 

It was tough enough before, but teaching in a pandemic is exhausting, endless and demoralising. 

And don't even get me started on the way we are portrayed in the media! 

It's totally understandable that you, and many others, are weighing up their options. 

The big question though is "can I afford to leave teaching?"

This free spreadsheet and 15-minute money makeover will help you to quickly answer that question.  

leave teaching

It will help you to:

  • increase confidence that life outside teaching is possible 
  • know exactly what salary you need to survive outwith teaching
  • know exactly how much you need to THRIVE outwith teaching
  • quickly reduce your expenses, thereby reducing the salary required
  • look forward to the future and make informed decisions more easily
  • feel excited and hopeful about taking control of your own life
  • reduce stress during term time, by focusing on your hopes and dreams 

Start planning an exciting future with the free spreadsheet and 15-minute money makeover

I've been in your shoes

I had 3 under 5, was teaching fulltime and hating every minute of it.  I felt like a terrible mum and an even worse teacher, but I was earning more than my husband, so I felt that there was no way out. 

I understand the feelings of powerlessness.

I remember feeling like I was stuck.

It felt like I had no choices.  And no control. 

Sound familiar?  

If so, then this is your chance to do something different. 

Money coach UK

It's about taking control.  Creating a plan. Feeling like you have choices in life.

I took that chance and I'm now still teaching 0.4, as well as helping lots of other teachers to create a stable financial life so that they can live a life that makes them happy.

All you need to do is take the chance that I can help you too. 

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