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Security, freedom, and choice – that’s what money can give you.

Being financially free might seem like a pipe dream.  Something that is for other people.  Being free to leave work and never have to work another day in your life just seems ridiculous doesn’t it?

It is possible, if you put your mind to it.

However, financial freedom is not all about total freedom to do what you want.

It can be the freedom to go on holiday as often as you like

The freedom to drop a couple of days at work

The joy of knowing that you are free to retire when you choose.

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It’s being able to make choices that give you a better quality of life.

No time for cleaning?  Then get a cleaner.

Hate ironing?  Pay someone to do it.

Up to your ears in clutter?  Hire a professional organiser.

It’s about using your money to make you happy!

There’s seems to be no financial good news at present.

Pay rises are scare, tax rises are looming for many, and the pension age continues to rise.

Brexit is bumbling along, bringing with it a feeling of unease about the future.  You just don’t know how it’s going to affect your money.

Or how it’s going to affect you and your family.

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It’s time for you to take charge.

It’s time for you to look after yourself, so that you can ride the storm.

To have the comfort of knowing that, should the worst happen, you have an emergency stash to tide you over.

Imagine a cancer diagnosis, an unexpected redundancy, or a massive repair bill for the car.

The peace of mind in knowing your family can cope is priceless.

Having money gives you choice in life.

Knowing that YOU control your money, rather than it dictating your life and making decisions for you.

Instead of being restricted by money, you can use money to allow you to make life-changing decisions.

To sign up to that amazing course that would propel your career forward, to reduce your hours to spend more time with the kids, to take that leap of faith and start that business you have been dreaming about.

That’s what being in control of your money can do for you.



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What is it that’s most important to you?

  • Amazing holidays
  • Having the courage to change your career
  • Being excited about retirement planning
  • Enjoying the security of an emergency fund
  • Being able to enjoy a good standard of living now
  • Reducing stress in the household
  • Gaining more time for YOU
  • Providing security and support for your children now and into adulthood



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Being in control of your money can help you to achieve any of these.

Being down to your last tenner each month and drowning your sorrows in a bottle of wine, is not going to help you to achieve any of your dreams.

Paying minimum payments on the credit card, and still spending on it, won’t let you retire early.

Having a wardrobe full of clothes you hardly wear, won’t help to put the kids through uni.

What’s more important to you?

What would improve your life more?

That £70 Sky subscription or being able to have a cleaner for 2 hours a week?



It doesn’t have to be like this

Join me, and we will work out what is important to you and create a plan for how you achieve it.

I will show you how to save money, make more money and use money to your advantage.

It’s about making small and achievable changes, allowing you to make huge, massive leaps forward in life.

I know what you are thinking.

Yes, very good.  She wants me to pay her, to help me to save money!

Yeah, right!


What I want you to do is INVEST in yourself.

For that initial investment you can expect a huge amount of interest!

You will:

  • Be happier,
  • Be healthier
  • Be wealthier
  • Have more money to spend on the things that are important to YOU
  • Feel confident about making great money decisions
  • Be excited about your future

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Don’t believe me?

Check out what the stats say:

Before a Your Money Sorted course only 12% of clients were confident they could make good money decisions, compared to 100% afterwards. And 92% of clients were able to curb unhelpful habits, compared to just 3% before the course.

Still not convinced?

Clients on other courses have said:

money mindset courses

money mindset courses

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But thinking that you can learn all this online, so what’s the point in paying for it?

Yep, you can find some of it online.

But have you done it yet?

Promised that you’ll make a budget, or do that free course you signed up to months ago?  Open that new bank account?  Switching suppliers?  Changing the mortgage?

Have you done it?


Will you do it on your own?

Unlikely.  Life is busy.  There are so many drains on your time. It’s late before you sit down at night and you have no time, and no inclination, so it just doesn’t get done.  Another month passes, another year passes and what happens?



That’s why you need to join me!

I have spent hours cutting through all the crap, and packaging it into a course that gives you what you need, when you need it and in the shortest time possible.

You will get:

  • The ability to sign up completely anonymously
  • a step-by-step process to tick off as you go
  • easy to understand lingo with no financial jargon to sift through
  • the things you NEED to do, the places you NEED to look, and the tools to help you to DO IT
  • a fantastic course booklet to record all your thoughts in one place

But that’s not all.

You will also get added bonuses, that you just cannot get from doing all this yourself.  You will get:

  • Encouragement, feedback and support from me, as well wee kick up the backside when required
  • inspiration, friendship and compassion from other women in the group
  • the motivation to WANT to make changes



I urge you to look on this as an investment in you, your family and your future.

I am offering you the chance to change your life, your future, your family’s future!

Finance for Freedom:  Master your Money in 28 days

Making changes to your money and your life is not boring, it’s not hard work.

It’s exciting, it’s interesting, it’s motivating

And doing it with me and the other women makes it fun too!

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Places on this brand new online course will be very limited.  Register your interest today, to be on the pre-launch list

Don’t delay, come and join us today.


Questions?  Fire away!  Just email me.  








"There was lots of tips and links to help you make changes. It is very easy to do as it is all online which means fitting it in with busy family life makes it easier. Big thank you to Eileen for her help."

Zoe, Dumfries
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