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Security, freedom, and choice.  Money mindset courses can give you all that.

Complete financial freedom might seem like a pipe dream.  Something that is for other people.  Being free to leave work and never have to work again might seem ridiculous.

But, anything is possible. If you want it enough.

However, it’s not just about that.

It can be the freedom to go on holiday as often as you like

The freedom to drop a couple of days at work

The joy of knowing that you are free to retire when you choose.

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It’s about using your money to make YOU happy!

There’s no financial good news at present.

Pay rises are scare, tax rises are looming for some, and the pension age continues to rise.

Brexit is bumbling along, bringing a feeling of unease about the future.  You don’t know how it’s going to affect your money.

Or how it’s going to affect you and your family.

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It’s time to take charge.

It’s time for you to look after yourself, so that you can ride the storm.

To have the comfort of knowing that, should the worst happen, you have an emergency stash to tide you over.

Imagine a cancer diagnosis, an unexpected redundancy, or a massive repair bill for the car.

The peace of mind in knowing your family can cope is priceless.


Instead of being restricted by money, you can use it to make life-changing decisions.

  • sign up to that amazing course to further your career
  • buy that fantastic new house, with loads of room for the kids to play
  • reduce your hours and spend more fun, family time with the kids
  • enjoy more free time, reduce your stress levels, and feel like YOU again
  • get more flexibility by starting that business you have been dreaming about

That’s what being in control of your money can do for you.

It’s about escaping the pain of living payday to payday.

Paying off debt

About building savings

And getting your money to do what you want it to do.

It’s about living life, and loving life

Ready to sign up? Then just click here




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Being down to your last tenner and drowning your sorrows in a bottle of wine each month, won’t help you to achieve your dreams.

Paying minimum payments on the credit card, and still spending on it, won’t let you retire early.

Having a wardrobe full of clothes you hardly wear, won’t put the kids through uni.

It’s about what’s most important to YOU.

About what would improve your life most.

But it’s difficult to know where to start!



It doesn’t have to be like this

Join me, on my money mindset courses.  And start:

  • working out what is MOST important to you
  • creating a plan for achieving it, in an ACHIEVABLE way
  • saving money, LOTS of it
  • making more money EASILY
  • using money to YOUR advantage

But, it’s about WAY more than that.

It’s about YOU.

Your dreams.

Your hopes.

It’s about what makes you happy AND it’s about making that happen.

It’s about making small and achievable changes, allowing you to make huge, massive leaps forward in life.

Ready to sign up now? Then just click here

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I want you to INVEST in yourself.

For that initial investment you can expect a huge amount of interest!

You will:

  • Have money for ALL the things that are important to you
  • Feel secure and calm, with a fund for emergencies
  • Be motivated and excited as you become debt-free
  • Feel prepared and proud, as you provide for your children
  • Be excited and inspired, with incredible goals for retirement
  • Feel happy, passionate and proud of your achievements
  • Look forward to the future, knowing you are financially secure
  • Understand WHY you have had issues with money
  • AND know what to do about it
  • Be confident about making big money decisions
  • Feel emotionally and financially strong
  • Know the vital figures and manage them with ease

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Don’t believe me?

Check out what the stats from my money mindset courses say:

Before taking money mindset courses only 12% of clients were confident they could make good money decisions, compared to 100% afterwards. And 92% of clients were able to curb unhelpful habits, compared to just 3% before the course.

I also have 5 star feedback from every single client

Still not convinced?

Clients on other courses have said:

money mindset courses

money mindset courses

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But thinking that you can learn all this online, so what’s the point in paying for it?

Yep, you can find some of it online.

But have you done it yet?

Promised that you’ll make a budget, or do that free course you signed up to months ago?  That you will start that savings account? Or tidy that paperwork?

Have you done it?


Will you do it on your own?

Unlikely.  Life is busy.  There are so many drains on your time. It’s late before you sit down at night and you have no time, and no inclination, so it just doesn’t get done.  Another month passes, another year passes and what happens?


I know that you are worried you won’t have time to complete this, but your time on this earth is even more precious!  Don’t waste another minute.


That’s why you need to join me!

I have spent hours cutting through all the rubbish, and packaging it into a course that gives you what you need, when you need it and in the shortest time possible.

You will get:

  • the ability to sign up completely anonymously
  • a step-by-step process to tick off as you go, saving you HOURS of time
  • high quality information, in easy to understand language
  • the things you NEED to do, the places you NEED to look, and tools to help you DO IT with minimum effort
  • amazing ways of saving money and making more money
  • easy-to-use online platform, available 24/7 on all devices
  • a fantastic course booklet to record all your thoughts in one place

But that’s not all.

You will also get added bonuses, you just cannot get from doing this yourself.

  • Constant encouragement, support and feedback from me
  • Inspiration, friendship and compassion from other women in the group
  • A sense of community and connection with the group
  • Optional private Facebook group for clients only
  • Fun, excitement and entertainment!
  • The motivation to WANT to make changes



I urge you to look on this as an investment in you, your family and your future.

I am offering you the chance to change your life, your future, your family’s future!

Finance for Freedom:  Master your Money in 28 days

Making changes to your money and your life is not boring, it’s not hard work.

It’s exciting, it’s interesting, it’s motivating

And doing it with me and the other women makes it fun too!

money mindset courses 8

Ready to make that investment?


This course offers excellent value at £399

Average savings from a similar course of mine are over £200 per month and I am confident that this new course will provide even more.

That’s a saving of £2,500 in a year.

Where else will you get that kind of return on investing £399?

But that’s only the start of it.

Paying off debt, building savings and changing the way you manage your money will save you THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS over the years.


What are you waiting for?

Ready to sign up today? Then click here


invest in yourself

give yourself a payrise

 give yourself a payrise


Still not convinced?

I offer a 30 day money back guarantee. If you are not 100% happy with the information in the course, then ask for your money back.

Client satisfaction rate is so far 100%, but if you are not happy, then I will not quibble.


money mindset course 16

Take that chance – join me today and let’s make the rest of your life happier, healthier and wealthier.



 Still not sure?

Check out the FAQs

When does the course start?
You can get immediate access to the course and you will also have lifetime access to this course.

I’m interested, but I just don’t think I will have time for it. What can you suggest?
If money is holding you back, then you have to make time to change it.  The course fits around hectic lifestyles, with 24/7 access available on phones, tablets and PCs.  Get up half an hour early, switch off the soaps, do it during lunch break or make time at the weekend.  It can be done in 10 hours a week and I promise it will be worth your while.

I love the sound of it, but it just seems so hard to take the plunge. Have you got any advice?

Clients describe my courses as exciting, motivating, inspiring and life-changing. The hardest thing is making the decision to join – once that’s done, the rest is easy!

Why can’t I learn all of this myself from books and internet?  Why do I need your course?
Lots of the information on the course can be found on the internet. However, I the step-by-step process, with thought-provoking questions, makes this a personal and valuable resource. The course ensures that you move through it quickly and efficiently, saving you hours of time.


Why should I invest the money in this course?
85% of previous clients say that my courses are EXCELLENT value for money. You can be confident that you are making an amazing investment in your future. Remember I offer a full 30 day money back guarantee. If you complete the course and are not 100% happy, please send me your completed booklet and I will refund you.




If you are still not sure if this course is for you, then please just get in touch with me.  I only want to work with people that I can genuinely help, so if I don’t think I can help you, then I will not suggest that you sign up.

Eileen x

"Eileen goes above and beyond to help during the course and happily extended her support when I never got quite finished on time. It was great to go through everything with a fine tooth comb and look at the habits that were shaping my finances."

JS, Annan
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