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STOP struggling with living from payday to payday with this fantastic money course

STOP the constant worry about where you will find the money if the car breaks down

STOP the sick feeling that appears when you think of how much debt you are in

STOP it all now

No more desperation, or despair, or hopelessness

It is time to take action, and prove to yourself, and everyone else, just how awesome you can be at managing your money.

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The Take 5 money course could just be the answer to your money worries.


It’s only £6.99 and you can get immediate access and get cracking right now.


Simply click the button below and I will contact you via Facebook messenger.

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I am Eileen, and I empower busy women to live happier, healthier and wealthier lives, through improving money mindsets & money management skills

I can’t wait to share all my secrets with you in the Take 5 money course


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Here is a small sample of all we are covering in this Your Money Sorted – Take 5 money course

  • the one thing that will change the way you feel about money forever, so that you feel positive and excited about money – honestly!
  • how to create a plan for your future, to banish those anxious feelings about having to work until you drop dead
  • how to manage money like a pro, in just a few minutes a day so that you save time, stress and money

Why not get grab a coffee (or gin!) and get started right now.


I think you will love it



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And the best part?

The whole course costs less than the price of coffee and cake, so why not give it a shot right now?  

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Are you up for feeling calm, confident and in control of your money?

For feeling that you are prepared for emergencies?

That you have more money for fun?

And that you know how to prepare more effectively for your future?

I hope so.

But to make it happen, you need to take the first step and sign up to the Take 5 money course for women at the link below:


Simply click the button below and I will contact you via Facebook messenger.


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"lauraUp until now I didn't really take much of an interest in my finances... apart from spending! The group has opened my eyes to the world of money and just how much I can be saving with simple little changes in all areas of my life.  Eileen has been on hand 24/7 with advice and support which has been invaluable and I am continuing to make positive changes to my money situation. Thank you so much Eileen xx"

Laura - Dumfries
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