Saving an Emergency Fund Challenge

Would you like to
feel calm, organised and prepared for emergencies?
Is this you now?
anxious and worried in case something goes wrong
Are you?
worried about how you will pay for unexpected expenses
How will it help?
have a stash of money put aside just for emergencies
A FREE short course to save £500 for emergencies

Saving an emergency fund sounds pretty dull doesn’t it?

However, unexpected expenses are a fact of life.

What will you do if you need emergency money now?

We can’t escape these things, but we can be prepared for them.

How will saving an Emergency Fund help?

  • proven to reduce stress
  • you will feel calmer and more in control
  • proven to increase your happiness
  • much easier to make good financial decisions
  • avoid borrowing, especially high interest lenders
  • save money by not having to pay interest charges
need emergency money now

Would you like add £500 to an emergency fund

This online challenge is fun and will only take a few minutes each day.

How good will it feel, knowing that you have £500 or more stashed away in case of emergencies?

Let me help you to do it easily. Why not join today?