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About Your Money Sorted

Your Money Sorted helps women in the UK to be confident with money and in control of their finances, giving them MORE money for the things they love.




I believe that EVERYONE can become “good with money”, IF they are given the right tools, knowledge and support.

Sound good?

Then you have come to the right place.

I am Eileen Adamson, Your Money, Sorted coach, working online with UK based women.  I can help you to develop a better relationship with money and consequently change your life.

I can support you as you put in place simple strategies that will start to change your life.  You will feel:

  • calm and positive about money
  • confident and capable of making good financial decisions
  • excited as you create a stable and secure future

Change your life. Your Money Sorted

I planned to have 2 children, but discovered we were having twins second time around. With 3 under 2, my life became too stressful, practically, emotionally and financially. Combining full-time teaching with 3 young kids left me feeling shattered, stressed and skint! I was overwhelmed and didn’t know what to do about it. I had to continue working full-time to pay for the things that mattered most – future planning. holidays, family days out and a bit of spare cash just to enjoy.

But I was juggling everything – BADLY! I couldn’t remember anything, couldn’t think more than a day ahead, was only just meeting deadlines, throwing beans and toast at the kids (not literally, though tempting sometimes!) and had a never ending list of tasks.


It had to stop.  I cut down to 2 days and made some massive changes in our lives.

It made me more able to cope, but I HATED having so little money. I grew to HATE money, felt constantly anxious and worried about it, which made me miserable.  I didn’t know who to talk to, where to turn or how to help myself.

Then I found Denise Duffield Thomas, a money coach, and BOOM!  I just knew that she could help me.  I bought her book, signed up to her course and  have worked with her ever since.  I am constantly learning about money mindset and the MASSIVE impact that it has on everyday decisions.

I now feel calm and happy about money, and know that if I need money for something that is important to me, then I will find it! I know how to bring more money into my life, and know how to use the money I have to make ME and MY family happy.


I am now passionate about sharing my ideas with my followers and clients, while helping them to live the life THEY dream about.

Given the right information and support, I believe that everyone can manage money well. Taking action WILL leave you feeling energised, excited and positive.  Don’t waste a moment longer!

 You can get started now by downloading one of my freebies

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Memberships/professional qualifications:

BEd (Hons) in Education

Financial Coach Practitioner Certificate

Member of UK Money Bloggers 

Member of Association of Coaching 


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Working together

If you are looking for an experienced financial coach, who can work online with large groups of people, then you may like to read more about my coaching services.

Alternatively, if you have a product or service that you think might fit well with my aim of improving the financial life of my followers, then you are welcome to download my media kit.Your Money Sorted Media Kit


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"I have just completed this course. It has helped me and my family understand more about money especially as a lot of things that are in the course you dont get taught at school. There was lots of tips and links to help you make changes. It is very easy to do as it is all online which means fitting it in with busy family life makes it easier. Do make sure that you set time to do it. Big thank you to Eileen for her help."

Zoe, Dumfries
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