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No gimmicks, just useful money tips.

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financial empowerment freebies Teachers – Are you due a tax rebate?

  • sample letter for HMRC
  • details of professional fees paid for last 4 years
  • makes claiming a 5 minute job

financial empowerment freebies

Teachers – Can retire when you want to? Find out:

  • your pension’s worth
  • your state pension worth
  • how much you may need
  • your total likely retirement income

financial empowerment freebies

Is your money making you happy?

  • plan your ideal life
  • save money
  • make more money
  • use money to your advantage

financial empowerment freebies

Add £500 to an emergency fund

  • have a savings buffer
  • be calm & more in control
  • be able to make good financial decisions
  • avoid bad debts

Would you like to feel great about money?

• be excited for the future
• see what’s stopping you
• feel empowered; in control
• MORE money for fun


Would you like an extra few hours to yourself?

• make more time for YOU
• reduce money stress
• start the changes NOW
• save money & time


What could you do with an extra £1000?

• holiday deposit
• weekend away
• treat yourself
• pay off debts


Learning about your money mindset will help you to:

• identify money leaks
• feel happy about money
• feel confident with money
• have more money for fun



Coaching Challenges

Finance for Freedom - Master your money in 28 days

How would you feel if you had enough money to allow you to live the life you want? Work out your path to financial freedom and feel happier, healthier and wealthier

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Teachers' Pensions Retirement Planning

Imagine being able to put more money towards your retirement, while still creating wonderful opportunities for you and your family, today and every day.

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"Eileen goes above and beyond to help during the course and happily extended her support when I never got quite finished on time. It was great to go through everything with a fine tooth comb and look at the habits that were shaping my finances."

JS, Annan
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