Client Case Study 3 - Financial Literacy Project

Are you a charity or group whose members would benefit from a financial literacy project?

Funded places for financial literacy project

I work with charities and groups, helping them to access funding, so their members can get free or discounted help to improve their finances.  I work online with UK based women helping them create a life that they love, through improving their ability to manage money.

Are some of your members:

  • Stuck in a job they hate, purely because it pays the bills?
  • Wanting to save for a house/holiday/kitchen, but have no spare money?
  • Losing sleep over debts and juggling the money for payments?
  • Living from day-to-day, without any savings or emergency fund?
  • Borrowing using higher cost options because they have no savings to fall back on?

A Your Money Sorted online course could transform their lives.

Helping empower women to take control,it will educate them about money, about themselves and about how they have the power to live the life they choose.

Traditionally financial literacy gives people the tools and knowledge to sort their finances, but Your Money Sorted courses go much, much deeper than this. Women can investigate their attitudes, beliefs, values, and habits, helping them to see how learning about their money mindset can make amazing changes to their financial life.

Previous clients say my courses are exciting, thought-provoking and life-changing. With 5 star reviews from all previous clients, your members would be in safe hands.

"It’s not just that I have saved money each month, and I have saved a substantial amount, but my attitude to my finances and how I spend my money has changed. I learned about my habits, personality and attitude towards money and faced my fears, taking my head out of the sand! I have developed better habits and am committed to sticking to them."


How does it work?

  1. Initial discussion to work out the best financial literacy product for your members, before deciding suitable funding stream.
  2. I assist with funding application.
  3. If funding is approved, you will collect contact details for interested members.
  4. That’s your responsibility over!
  5. I then contact interested individuals, sending login details for the course. The individuals sign up anonymously, feeling comfortable in discussing their situation. I then work with the group, supporting and encouraging them on the online course.
  6. After the project is finished, I will provide the charity with a written report, giving details of the outcomes achieved on the course.

How easy is it?

"When Eileen approached Bump, Baby and Beyond about organising a funded Your Money Sorted course, all we had to do was provide her with our registered address. Eileen took care of the rest and knew where to apply for funding. It couldn't have been any easier! A group of local mum's benefited from Eileen's course - for free! We highly recommend Eileen's coaching."

Morna, Bump, Baby and Beyond

Read on to see how I helped this a group of women from Bump, Baby, and Beyond in Dumfries, make amazing changes to their lives, by taking part in a financial literacy project.

I asked the women to share with me their feelings around money. The same words came up time and time again.  Scared, anxious, worried, ashamed, guilty, and stressed. Their biggest fears were being unable to pay bills and having no savings for unplanned events.  They also feared being unable to support their children and passing on their own poor money habits to their children.

The women were all a bit unsure what to expect.  Most of them didn’t know me and had never completed an online challenge before.  They had never before thought about their feelings about money and started the 28 day course, with some trepidation.

“At first I was intimidated and afraid it'd point out my failures in budgeting and money management”.

Simple, step-by-step process

The online course offers a simple process, starting with looking at what their 10/10 financial situation would be, and setting powerful and exciting goals to help them to work towards this.

"The chance to think about what I really want was brilliant.  I have been so focused on making ends meet that I have never given the future much thought. I want to make a better future - I want to go to college. Now I just need to work out how I can afford to!"

Looking at their feelings about money was an eye-opening process for a lot of the group, as they had never given this much thought before.

Thinking about attitudes, value and habits around money were an important part of the course. Investigating this helped them to make massive shifts in their behaviour and began to make a real difference to their finances.

They were very enthusiastic, about both the process and the benefits that it brought to them, with one saying:

“….thinking more deeply about things, than I otherwise would, was amazing. It really made me realise where I was wasting money, and better still, how I could stop wasting money”

financial literacy for women

Just 7 days later

After just the first week of the course, the women were “excited”, “enthusiastic”, “motivated” and “much more confident already”.

This enthusiastic group were amazing to work with, because they were willing to get stuck into the challenges. After various ways of increasing income and decreasing expenditure, the group were on average, over £200 per month better off.  

With different ways of managing money and debt covered, each woman could decide on the best options for her.  Planning more effectively for the future was covered too, ensuring that the mums and families were prepared for life's expected and unexpected events.

Helping people to reduce spending on the areas that don’t matter, so that they can increase spending on the things that they really value is important in the course. This is a wonderful way of helping women and families to find financial peace, security and happiness.

improving financial literacy

What did they think?

“It was very useful to identify how I felt about money at the start of the course and I had totally changed my attitude about it by the end.”

"Loved the format of getting immediate feedback from Eileen, and seeing the comments from the other women on the course."

"I thought that the course would help me to budget my money better.  I had no idea that it would actually affect my whole life too. In general I just feel so much more confident and much happier.  That's probably because I am not worrying about money any more. I can focus on the things that really matter to me, like spending time with my kids and making sure that our family has lots of fun times ahead."

results from financial literacy project
financial literacy project results

The women were asked, before and after the course, to rate themselves on a scale of 1-5 according to the following statements

What a difference in just 4 weeks.

"I am more positive about our situation, feel more at ease knowing we have saved money on lots of things.  This has totally eased our situation, in turn this makes me more relaxed."

"My attitude towards money has completely changed and I now see more clearly how I can make it work for me."

"It made me tackle things rather than burying my head in the sand. I feel that I've picked up lots of tips and advice that I am putting into everyday life. It's given a focus to discuss money with my husband and encouraged us to be proactive about things that kept being put off."

Exciting times ahead

The group made fantastic progress during the course and are much more confident and in control of their finances. The work done during the course will stand them in good stead for the rest of their lives.

Thanks to Bump, Baby and Beyond for giving me the opportunity of working with your members.  A massive thank you also to all the women on the course for working so hard.  It honestly was a pleasure working with you.

I love seeing the difference that people can make to their lives, by simply getting a little support with their finances.  Read my other case studies to see how one family has almost paid off 20k in debt and another client has surprised herself and bought her very first flat.

Eileen x

Hi, I’m Eileen Adamson,  money coach, empowering professional women to become happier, healthier and wealthier. By showing you how to make small, sustainable changes, I can help you create the financial security and freedom you deserve.

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