5 easy ways to improve your money mindset

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Firstly, we are going to take a look at why it is so important to improve your money mindset.

Increasingly money experts have been noticing that money is little to do with figures and numbers and way more about emotions, attitudes, and behaviours. This has led to a rise in discussions about money and money mindset and the importance of this in the financial health of our nation.

"Traditionally, helping people to manage their money better has focused only on education and information, but MAS suggests that “attitudes, motivations and opportunities are, if anything, more important than skills and knowledge” (The Financial Capability of the UK, 2013)

More than 16 million people have savings of less than £100, meaning that any unexpected events can cause extreme problems for them. With half of the families, earning 70k saying that they are just about managing it is clear that many people have issues with their finances in the UK today.

If you are having trouble with money, then there is a high chance that it is your mindset that is causing issues, rather than the actual pennies and pounds.

That’s all very well, but how the hell do we know if our mindset is an issue, and even more importantly, what on earth can we do about it?

How to know if your mindset is causing you problems?

If you are one of those people struggling with your money, then it could be that the main issue is mindset, rather than the actual figures that are causing you problems.

Feeling negatively emotional about money, be it angry, sad, upset, anxious, guilty, worried, unhappy etc, is a sign that your money troubles could be mindset related. If you spend when you feel low, spend to appease your guilt, or can't control your spending, there is a high chance that your mindset is causing you problems.

money mindset

Other common problems can be fear of spending and of squirrelling away so much money into savings, that you don't have enough to live on today.  

If you feel that money is a constant struggle and that you spend more time fighting with your money than enjoying it, then there are definite issues that could be helped by looking at your feelings about money.

What can we do to improve our money mindset, so that we can live happier and more fulfilled lives?

Be Aware

Firstly, it is vital that you start thinking about your relationship with money. This means starting at the beginning and considering your childhood money experiences.

What did you learn about money from those closest to you? What was your earliest money memory? How did you feel about money as you were growing up? As a teenager? What habits had you started to develop as you began to have your own money to manage?  

Start by writing down the answers to the above questions and just keep writing any feelings and thoughts that pop into your head about your relationship with money. This story is just the beginning of working out where your current money mindset came from and you may be able to identify certain events that have happened that have shaped who you are and how you behave today.

Simply being aware of these stories is the first stage and can help you to analyse and then change your current money story if you feel that it is not serving you well.


It is important that you don’t beat yourself up about your past and that you don’t hold grudges against anyone else from your past. Instead, you should forgive the past, move on, and start focusing on your new and exciting future.

Looking at the list of your money memories and going through each one, forgiving yourself and others can help to release the burden that you are carrying. Using the ancient art of Ho’oponopono and repeating a simple phrase, such as ‘I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you, then crossing off each memory with a pen can help in the forgiveness process.

It may seem symbolic, but there is something very satisfying about crossing it off your list and moving forward, by looking to the future.

river autumn

Write your new story

Thinking about money in a positive light will help you to create a much happier relationship with money.  This will then allow you to behave differently, make decisions and choices that will allow you to live a full, content, and happy life.

What would you like your life to be? How do you want to behave around money? How do you want to feel about money? Calm? In control? Excited? Confident? Happy? Wealthy? Empowered?

Whatever it is that you want, start thinking about it and start acting on it.

How would you like to deal with money? How would you like to feel when spending money? What would you like to feel when you look at your bank statement? Or when your credit card bill comes through?

Think about how you would act if you could react the way you want to react. What would be different? What would it be like if…………?

How would someone who is amazing with money react?

Start making that story come true

Once you have worked out what you would like your story to look like, and how you would act if it were true, then start acting it.

improving your money mindset

If you would like to confidently open your credit card statement, knowing that you have enough money to pay it off, then start acting as though you do! Open it confidently and look at the total, feel the calm wash over you as you transfer the full amount from your bank into your credit card.

Now I know that if you are petrified to open your statement, then this just seems like a ridiculous idea, but it does work. Your subconscious begins to believe that things are different; that you are different and that helps you to begin to believe it yourself.  It also helps your mind to be creative and thoughtful, allowing you to think of ways of finding the money to pay the credit card bill.  

When you are in panic mode, the brain just shuts down and the fear takes over.  This will not help you to get the debt paid off, as the fear will prevent you from moving forward.

If you would love to be able to go into a shop and not come out with a handful of “bargains” that you didn’t go in for, then start imagining yourself coming out with only the items you went in for.

You are good at this.

You know exactly what you want and you go straight to the item, get it, and come out of the shop happily.

Just be that person. Act like that person – they won’t be distracted by shiny objects or big sale signs. They are confident and happy because they know that they only need that one item.

Can you feel that person? Be them!

Being grateful

I know that this might seem difficult, especially since money is tight, but being grateful for all the things that you DO have feels amazing. It also helps you to attract more of the things that you need, want, and love in your life.

Today, for example, I have had a busy day and still have a huge list of tasks to complete, but I am deeply grateful to be able to be lying out in the sun completing them. I am grateful that I have a lovely house, with a sheltered and private garden where I can work away in peace and quiet.

Paying the rent/mortgage each month might seem like an enormous chunk of your income, but if you think about what you gain from it, and concentrate on being grateful for those things, then it can really reframe the cost. Your home allows you to live, cook, eat, sleep, wash and spend time with family and friends, amongst many other things. Rather than feeling resentful about the cost of it would it help if you can try to be grateful for it?

Being grateful for every transaction in your life can help you to view money in a much more positive light, which in turn can lead you to behave in a much more positive manner with money. This will help you to attract more money into your life and to enjoy the money you have.


Have faith in yourself

Is your life the way you want it to be?


Well, make it the way you want it to be.

Start thinking about how you would like your life to be and focus on that picture. You can then start to put the pieces into place to help you to achieve that life that you dream of.

We are on this planet for around 85 years – make every damn year of that count.

Don’t sit around waiting for your life to miraculously change – if you are not 100% happy with your life, then start making changes.

Do the things you want to do, and create the life you want to create, but do it without getting yourself into problem debt.  You are worth a million dollars, but it doesn’t mean you need a million dollars to make it happen.

Why not take the chance to start figuring out where your mindset is holding you back, starting right now?

It's interesting.  It's fun.  And it will help you to really start getting to grips with your money.

Improve your money mindset

I hope that this post helps you to think about how you can start changing your mindset to allow you to view money in a more positive light.  This will then allow you to deal with money in a way that will enhance your life, rather than cause you extra stress and pain. If you would like to seriously improve your money mindset and free the person inside to live the amazing life you deserve, then come along and join my women's only Your Money Sorted group.

Eileen x

I am Eileen, Your Money Sorted coach, working with UK-based women and helping them to become financially empowered.  Being calm, confident and in control of their finances, allows them to concentrate on the things that are important to them. Previous clients feel that they can spend more quality time with family, friends and have fun.  That has to be a great thing, doesn't it?



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