033 Money and mindset: Annabel's conflict with 'all or nothing' patterns

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033 Money and mindset: Annabel's conflict with 'all or nothing' patterns

Money and mindset features in this conversation with Annabel Jeffcoatte. Annabel is a teacher and coach who helps primary school middle leaders reduce anxiety and find work-life balance through coaching strategies. Annabel shares her personal journey of healing from burnout and her complex relationship with money. 

Annabel reflects on her early money-saving habits and how societal expectations of being a "good girl" influenced her money and mindset over the years. Annabel shares how over time, she sought healing through therapy and coaching, regained control over her life and rebuilt her financial and emotional well-being. Today, Annabel has achieved balance in her life and feels like her money and mindset are improving all the time. She now helps teachers find balance through her coaching, serving as an inspiring example of personal growth and transformation.

Annabel discusses the importance of recognising the connections between different aspects of our lives, such as our relationship with money. Annabel shares her personal journey of shifting from "all or nothing" behaviour patterns that affected her life. Annabel’s positive attitude and transformation, highlights the significance of personal development in addressing internal issues and progressing in life. Annabel’s program, "Work Life Balance for Teachers," focuses on holistic support and self-discovery.

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[03:00]  Either having a lot of money or no money in the bank 

[05:00]  Getting joy from making sure everyone else was happy

[10:00]  The trauma and experience of what we can get from a spending spree

[14:00]  Spending money as a cry for help and going through holistic coaching 

[19:00]  Experiencing PTSD and having the skills and the ability to heal

[22:00]  A 10 year journey from burnout to balance

[24:00]  Having a support network when you delve into the vulnerabilities

[31:00]  Balance for Teachers - Helping teachers reduce anxiety and switch off

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