023 Jobs for ex teachers: Starting your own business

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023 Possible careers after teaching: Starting your own business

In this episode I chat with the inspiring Claire Riley of the Teachers' Podcast about the new horizons that can open up when teachers choose to leave the classroom. I am delighted to have Claire Riley on the show and have a chat about teachers leaving teaching and the money aspect to that. She co-founded Classroom Secrets and hosts two fabulous podcasts, The Education Business Podcast and The Teachers’ Podcast. As an ex-teacher, a very busy woman and a mum, Claire has surely got a wealth of knowledge about so many areas, including jobs for ex-teachers and she's joined me in this episode to share some tips for those who are thinking of starting their own business. 

We delve into the alternative jobs for ex-teachers and offer invaluable tips for those venturing into the exciting world of entrepreneurship. Throughout our conversation, we keep finances at the forefront, demystifying the money element that often intimidates but is crucial to your success. So, tune in, and let's empower each other to make informed, rewarding career transitions and financial decisions. Many of us choose teaching as a profession because of our passion for educating others but sometimes because of various factors, some of us lose that passion and then don't know what to do.


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[02:09] Claire’s Background in Teaching

[06:24] Claire’s advice to those who are unhappy in teaching

[16:30]  Idea behind Classroom Secrets

[23:32] Tips on building a network

[24:55] Leaving teaching and starting a business 

If it's an idea that keeps coming back, then you have to find a way to make it possible.

Claire Riley 

What now?

This is such a lovely episode with another brilliant guest, Claire Riley of Classroom Secrets, host of The Education Business Podcast and The Teachers’ Podcast. Teaching is a secure yet challenging profession, but running your own business has its risks as well and I thank Claire for sharing her experiences to give us an idea on what you can do, especially if you are feeling unhappy in teaching. 

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