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7 discounts for teachers that you should know about

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7 discounts for teachers that you should know about

Discounts for teachers are often the last thing on our minds, but some of the following suggestions could help you to make considerable savings.  There are many perks of being a teacher – we only work from 9 till 3, have 12 weeks of long, lazy holidays when we never think about school and we are lucky enough to be able to go on holiday with our pupils during term-time.

OK. OK.  I KNOW!back-to-school-1576791_1920 (2)

We work damn hard, put in many extra hours, often work during weekends and holidays and give up our evenings and weekends to go on school trips.  Add to that the fact that we often spend our own money on buying supplies for our cash-strapped schools and it doesn’t seem like such a good deal.


Life Insurance

Firstly, that hot topic of teacher’s pensions.  Paying into a teacher’s pension actually also offers you some life insurance.  The deal is that our spouse, partner, children or other named dependents will get a payment from our pension on our death.  There are slightly different rules for different situations – more information can be found here for English/Welsh or Scottish or Northern Irish teachers.  When considering what life cover is appropriate, please check your pension arrangements to see what cover is already in place, to see if that offers you enough cover, without having to pay extra premiums.  You may decide that you require more life cover, but the contribution from your death benefits should go some way to provide for your family in the worst case scenario.

discounts for teachersAdventure and fun

If you travel frequently then it may be worth checking out the International Teacher Identity Card (ITIC) which offers discounts for teachers on many forms of travel, hotels and car hire, as well as on restaurants, shopping and theatre tickets. 

Retailer discounts

We all know that the unions are there to protect us and to fight our corner over important issues, but did you know that being a member of them can also get us discounts with many retailers? The Educational Institute of Scotland (EIS) and National Union of Teachers (NUT) both offer their members discounts for teachers via the Countdown Card.

The National Association of Schoolmasters Union of Women Teachers (NASUWT) and Ulster Teachers’ Union (UTU) offer a huge range of member benefits ranging from fashion to fitness and holidays to home insurance. Other unions may also offer benefits, so it is worth asking if your union offers discounts for teachers.

Free or discounted wills

Death is something that we really don’t want to think about, and those of us with young children, certainly don’t want to think about our own demise and the consequent effect on our own kids.  However, it is absolutely vital that we make our wishes clear for our estate and have considered options for the care of our children.  The Scottish Secondary Teachers Association (SSTA) and NASWUT both offer a free will writing service. If your union does not offer a free will writing service you might want to consider free wills month or a will aid, where you can make a free will by leaving a donation in your will.

Local council offers

Many teachers are employed by their local council, some of whom offer discounted use of their own council facilities, as well as other offers, such as 10-30% discount on phone contracts.  Contact your local council to see which discounts for teachers they offer.

Other discounts

PSdiscounts also offer many reductions and cashback offers to public sector employees, so it is worth checking out their website too.

flag-972353_1280One for the Scots

Teachers in Scotland should be aware of the fantastic perks that are available through Glow. Numerous local authorities allow us to download Microsoft Office 365 to our home computers completely free of charge through Glow. The use of One Drive in Glow, also means that we can have 1TB of free cloud storage, rather than having to pay around £6.50 – £8.00 per month to get the equivalent storage from Google Drive or Dropbox.

Use it or lose it

Many of these discounts, I imagine, will be underused, simply because we are so busy and forget to utilise these things.  The potential to save money is huge, so making an effort to remember to check these discounts before purchasing will be worthwhile.  If you can save some money, it won’t be long until it becomes habit to check before purchasing.

Although all most of these perks may offer a great deal, you should also compare deals using a couple of different comparison sites as well, to ensure that you are truly getting good value for money.

If you know of any other discounts or perks of being a teacher, then share them below, so that we can all benefit from them.

If you do manage to make some savings, you could always invest the money in a shopping trip, a weekend away or some alcohol to help you through to the end of term!  Or perhaps you might want to invest the savings in your retirement pot, to ensure that you are able to retire at some point before you hit 67 or 68, a subject that I wrote about recently in this blog post.

If you would like to make the most of the money you have and to enjoy your money more, then pop along and join my friendly Your Money, Sorted Group on Facebook.

Eileen x

IMG_6758I am Eileen Adamson, Your Money, Sorted coach, working online with UK based women.  I can help you to develop a better relationship with money and feel calm, positive and confident about money.  This will allow you to feel calm, positive and confident that you are in control and making good financial decisions. Through creating a good relationship with money you can then live the life that YOU want to lead.


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I am Eileen Adamson, a Your Money, Sorted coach, working online with UK based women, helping you to develop a better relationship with money. I can help you to understand your money mindset and implement changes which will allow you to feel calm, positive and confident that you are in control and making good financial decisions. By doing this I can help you to create a stable, secure and exciting future for yourself.

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