Some of the best teacher bloggers in the UK

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If you are looking for inspiration, then look no further than this huge list of some of the best teacher bloggers in the UK.

I am a PE teacher, with over 26 years' experience, still teaching 2 days a week, alongside running my Your Money Sorted blog.  This blog, recently shortlisted as Best Personal Finance blog in the UK Money Bloggers awards, is dedicated to helping UK based female teachers to be happier, healthier and wealthier.

I didn't plan on becoming a teacher blogger!

Instead I set out to be a Life Coach and Money Coach, and as part of that, blogging has become a huge part of my work.  Initially, I was a very reluctant blogger, not enjoying the "public" nature of it.  However, over time, I have become used to it, and now really enjoy it.

teacher bloggers

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This blog about the best teacher bloggers in the UK has 2 purposes:

  1. To share with you some wonderful, inspirational and useful blogs about education, learning and a variety of other topics.
  2. To encourage you to think about starting your own blog, as a way of generating a second income, or as a route out of teaching, if you are not enjoying your career.

Some of the best teacher bloggers

Some of the following teacher bloggers are like me, and still working in education, alongside blogging, while others have recently left, to pursue their alternative career as a blogger.  I hope that you find their posts useful, informative, interesting and in some cases, very amusing!


Laura is a teacher who also has ADHD, reflects on her personal experiences and relates them to what children might experience in schools. Every October she undertakes a project that called “31 Days of ADHD” where she posts an article a day in celebration of International ADHD Awareness Month.

Cherry was a Primary Head and now blogs about work life balance for teachers, as well as support and inspiration for NQTs.

Jennie was a primary school teacher, KS1 and KS2, English and Computing subject leader and KS2 Manager. Now home educating her own children, she is passionate about education, childhood and learning through play

Adam started a blog about EdTech that can be used to improve the teaching and learning and the computing curriculum.

Louise is a part-time early years teacher, who shares loads of art, craft and activity ideas for children, with a host of free printable thrown in. 

A wee treat for you!

If you have not yet heard of Mr P's ICT blog, then you are missing a treat! Leeroy is still in teaching, and shares creative ideas to raise standards across the curriculum using technology. You can also find him on Facebook, and he is well worth a follow just for the banter! 


Laura is teacher of RS for 10 years and mother of two boys. Having worked in comps, grammars and independent from years 4 to 13 she has many ideas and resources to share from her experience.

Stuart runs a fabulous Facebook page on primary history: Mr T does Primary History, with a website on the way soon.

Make learning fun with Mrs Mactivity! The place to go for adorable and interactive learning resources. Read their blog for top teaching tips and up to date education updates.

primary teacher bloggers


Paul is a high-school Science teacher from Brighton, and head of year 7 and 8 Science, as well as a PGCE Mentor. He blogs at,

  an education blog supporting teachers in all aspects of their life. Emma has 2 fantastic blogs,  Mums Savvy Savings  which is a dedicated money saving blog and Emma and 3 where you will find more educational topics. She was a previous head of Sociology and is still a School governor in her daughters School. Emma has a focus on empowering teenagers and supporting parents of teenagers, she was very recently on the sofa at This Morning as a teen expert and has written extensively on study techniques and how parents can support their children’s learning.

teacher bloggers

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Teaching and wellbeing

Jenna used to be a teacher, and now runs a hugely successful blog, The Bloglancer which is all about being self-employed and is why she left teaching!

A bit of light relief!

Mrs Smith is my absolute favourite teacher blogger.  She says it like it is, and uses her anonymity to brilliant effect, by telling the world what many of us really want to say!  Don't bother looking if you are easily offended, but if you like a big belly laugh, then head right on over!

 funny teacher bloggers


Parenting and learning

A teacher prior to having twins, Anna blogs about helping other twin parents with parenting, learning and travel challenges, and also features a learning section on her blog.

Sophie’s Nursery is Lauren's blog, which is primarily aimed at parents of young children who want to help support their educational development at home. As a teacher, she plans & post lots of different activities parents can do with their children, starting from 0 months upwards. She also loves writing general lifestyle & parenting posts!

Niki used to be a teacher and was a deputy head of a nursery school before having children, and now writes about play based learning at home with children, based on the school curriculum.

Martyn was a primary school teacher, head of KS1 and now home educates his eldest.  His blog is a mix between parenting, health (mental health and his muscular dystrophy) home education and anything that piques his interest. 

A Primary school teacher with MFL background, Rachel's blog is a mixture of parenting, lifestyle and foreign language learning.  She blogs about teaching her young children German, and provide ideas on how to introduce languages at home. She also provides resources and tips on how to make language learning multisensory. primary teacher bloggers

More parenting help

Sarah is a qualified primary school teacher, specialising in EYFS. She has a Child Development and family lifestyle blog, with a dedicated area for early years activities, ideas and inspiration.

A primary school teacher (EYFS and KS1) before having children, Emma writes about play and learning activities that are easy to set up.

Becca is a primary school teacher with a passion for early years. She provides practical guidance on creating opportunities to learning through play, with the aim of helping you nurture your children’s natural curiosity, and inspire in them a lifelong love of learning.

Primary teacher, Julie left full time teaching three years ago, when she fell pregnant with her eldest daughter. Teaching supply until her second daughter was born earlier this year, she isn't sure when she'll go back to it now! She loves to set up play and learning activities for her toddler, which she features on her blog.  

parenting bloggers who are teachers

General parenting

Sinéad just returned to her teaching job, after 3 years at home with the kids.  She is entertaining, and blogs about parenting, family food, travel and other family related stuff!  If you are looking for quick, easy and healthy recipes, then look no further.   All cooked on a budget and photographed in real time while my children grab at them.

Kayley Anne is a teacher who tries to share the good, the bad and the ugly, to show that eating healthily can be easy and affordable.

Michelle Haslett is a secondary teacher, whose parenting and lifestyle blog has lots of reviews, competitions and updates about family life and everything in between.  

Caroline blogs about her baby girl, who has a genetic disorder, and her life as her mummy. 

Supply teacher, Michelle, is another parenting blogger who blogs at Monsterful Mama

Jamie is a qualified teacher, who left the profession three years ago to pursue a career in research, and blogs about her experiences of parenthood.

Karen teaches Science on a part-time basis and is a popular blogger, passionate about promoting STEM based subjects, and covering topics such as family days out.

art teacher bloggers


Jo and Leisa are both trained teachers, and also TV stars in Channel 5's Shop Smart Save Money! They have given up their life (and stress!) as teachers and now blog about living a good quality frugal lifestyle where they share how they and others do it.

Ruth is a part time teacher as well as a lifestyle blogger, blogging about all things crafty, with some wonderful tutorials on her site.  I love Alice's blog, where she blogs mostly about budget/reasonably priced travel.  Why?  Because, as teachers, we are used to having to travel when the prices are sky high, and it's a great way of finding some fabulous tips for saving money on holidays. 

Charlotte, a maths teacher, blogging at Looking After Your Pennies, will help you manage your money whilst looking after the environment. Expect fabulous tips on making money, saving money and eco-friendly living. 

Lady Janey, an ex Modern Foreign Languages teacher, writes a customer service blog where she tackles a range of consumer issues with the aim of encouraging people to get the best possible customer service experience for their money. She also champions companies which deliver excellent customer service and challenges those who do not!

If you have made it this far, without being tempted off to visit one of these other fabulous teacher blogger's pages, I am surprised! 

There are some fantastic teacher bloggers out there, and it's great that we can all support each other. I focus on helping teachers to have more money for the stuff they love, as well as preparing more effectively for the future.

teacher bloggers

Find out more about the free Improving Teacher Wellbeing challenge

  Eileen x

Hi, I’m Eileen Adamson, Your Money Sorted coach, helping female teachers to become happier, healthier and wealthier. By showing you how to make small, sustainable changes, I can help you create the time, freedom and financial security you deserve.

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