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Teachers - are you due a teachers tax rebate?

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Teachers – are you due a teachers tax rebate?

Many teachers are due a teachers’ tax rebate and can also reduce the amount of tax that they are due to pay on an ongoing basis. With the average claim apparently being worth £200-£250, it is a great return for a 5 minute job!

Read on to find out how to do it quickly, easily and completely free of charge.

It is your responsibility to check your tax code and HMRC will not inform you if you have been paying too much tax – it is up to you to contact them. Firstly check your tax code – if it is 1150L then you are not getting tax relief on your subscriptions and should look into claiming this back. If your tax code is different to this, you may already be getting tax relief, but it is worth checking with HMRC.

Some teachers can also claim for the laundering of specialist clothing, such as PE clothing, worn only for the purposes of your job.

Teachers who routinely have to travel between schools for work purposes can often also claim tax relief on this expenditure too.

There are 5 options for claiming a teachers tax rebate on your subs and I will look at the merits of each way below.

1 Use HMRC online formteachers tax rebate gathering information

After registering for the Government Gateway you can then fill in the online form. The form is really easy to fill in, however if you are claiming for more than one year you need to fill in all the required information for each tax year which can be quite frustrating.

2 Use HMRC offline form

Use form P87, downloadable from HMRC website. After completing the form, print it off and sign it.  Then go back, adjust it for the next tax year, print that year off and sign it and then repeat the process for subsequent tax years. This is easier than using the online form, but at 5 pages per form it seems a waste of paper!

teachers tax rebate online 3 Phone HMRC

If you phone 0300 200 3300, you can deal with your claim over the phone. Phoning before 10am will give you the best chance of having the phone answered before you lose the head with automated voices.

4 Use a tax refund company

There are various companies who will make a claim on your behalf and will take up to 50% of your refund as a fee. I would not recommend this method, as it is easy and free to do it yourself, but it is better than not claiming it at all.

5 Write to HMRC

teachers tax rebate application

I have made a template letter with all the information required – all you need to do is add your own personal details, check your subscription rates, print and sign the letter.  Then send it to Pay As You Earn and Self-Assessment, HM Revenue & Customs, BX9 1AS.  This is the method I prefer, as it is the quickest.  You can get a copy of this letter below.

To start your claim gather the following information:

Your NI No: AB 12 34 56 C
Employer: your employer’s name, address and postcode
Employer’s PAYE ref: e.g. from P60, in format 123/456791
Employee’s ref: your payroll number from your payslip
The amount paid in professional subscriptions this year and for the previous 4 tax years.

How to find out what you have paid in professional fees?

Finding out how much you have paid in subs for the past 4 years can be time-consuming, so I have spent some time gathering the relevant information for most of the different teaching unions. This information can be downloaded immediately below, along with the template letter to send to HMRC.

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Money worries

Many teachers currently have financial concerns.  Some are finding it difficult to make ends meet, after years of the pay freeze, others are finding it difficult to prepare effectively for retirement as the pension age rises and rises.  Yet more are feeling trapped in a job they don’t particularly enjoy, but stay because they have bills to pay.  If your finances are concerning you at all, then please see how I can help you completely free of charge.

teachers payrise

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I am Eileen Adamson, a Your Money, Sorted coach, working online with UK based women, helping you to develop a better relationship with money. I can help you to understand your money mindset and implement changes which will allow you to feel calm, positive and confident as you become happier, healthier and wealthier.

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