Teenagers, their phones and broken chargers!

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It can’t just be me that got fed up of searching “how to fix an iPhone charger” is it? It seemed to be the bane of my life for months, even years! Once we all got iPhones, I thought that it would be great – we could all share chargers and it would make life easy.

Oh, if only it were that simple!

The 3 teens seemed to break cables on an alarmingly regular basis. They lost charger plugs. Cables got misplaced.  They lent them to their friends and forgot to get them back.  

Sound familiar?

I was fed up with going to charge my phone only to discover that the charger was not working. AGAIN!  Constantly sellotaping cables, hoping that it would last long enough just to charge my phone.

I was sick of buying various replacement cables. Genuine Apple ones, cheap imports, different lengths, different materials, all in a quest to find ones that would stand the test of teenagers! Then they fought over chargers.  There weren't enough for everyone.  They unplugged each other’s phones, so they could plug their phone in.

Even the type of charger plugs was a problem – we had some “big” plugs, some small ones, and some non-Apple ones. Everybody preferred the “big” chargers, and would swap cables, so that their phone was charging on a “big” plug.


The battles were constant and I was left trying to pick up the pieces. And trying to get my phone charged, by hiding it behind the sofa, on a “big” plug!

Please tell me it’s wasn't just my house that this happened in. Last summer holidays, after a particularly stressful charging day, I was at my wit’s end. I needed a solution. Thankfully I found one which has brought charging calmness to our household.

If this sounds appealing, then read on.

  phone chargers


Step 1

We now have a “big” charger plug each, marked with our initials. Each person is only allowed to use “their” plug, and if they lose it, they must buy a new one.    

Step 2

I bought anker cables, encouraged by the 18 month warranty that they offer, and have found them to be the BEST iPhone cables we have had. I bought them in a range of colours, so that each person has their own cable. Again, they are responsible for their own and if they lose them, they will buy a new one.  Over a year later, they are all still going strong.

Step 3

While I was at it, I treated them to new Snugg iPhone covers (prices start from £2.00),with a lifetime guarantee! They honestly look as good as new 12 months later.

Step 4

The kids are all thinking about upgrading their phones, and once they do, they will get another fantastic product with a lifetime guarantee. InToro are a UK based company who make tempered glass screens (from £5.99), which they say will withstand scratches, cracks and breaks and will last as long as the device.  


None of the products cost a fortune, and with 2 of them offering lifetime guarantees, I think they all offer amazing value for money. I would happily have paid 10 times the price, just to remove the constant battling over charging that we used to have in this house.

The other thing that I love, is now that THEY are responsible for replacing the cables, covers and plugs, they take much more care of them care. They are also pretty good at taking care of their phones, since I stopped paying for them.  

Find out how you too can save huge amounts of money by comparing phone contracts with your children.

Now my next quest is to work out how to stop them nicking our socks!

Comment below if you have any suggestions for that one. Why not pop along and join my Your Money Sorted group, where I share other suggestions and have money related chat.

Eileen x Eileen Adamson Your Money SortedI am Eileen, Your Money Sorted coach, working with UK based women helping them to become financially empowered.  

Being calm, confident and in control of their finances, allows them to concentrate on the things that are important to them. Previous clients feel that they can spend more quality time with family, friends and having fun.

That has to be a great thing doesn’t it?  

Here's how to bring charging calmness to your household with a simple hack to charge your phone by Eileen at Your Money Sorted. #SavingMoney #PhoneHacks #BrokenPhone

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