007 Stress, sleep and the impact on you and your money

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007 Stress, sleep and the impact on you and your money

Are you feeling the stress of being a teacher? Come and listen as Janet Dowling chats to Eileen about teacher stress, teacher stress management and gives teacher wellbeing tips related to sleep, stress and money.

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In this episode, former teacher Janet Dowling joins us to shed more light about her new career as a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist. Janet is going to share her remarkable journey from being a teacher to trying out various things to do before finding Solution Focused Hypnotherapy as her new calling.

We are going to talk about how our brains process decision-making and stress. Not only that, we're going to dig deeper into the reasons why people tend to give in to their impulsiveness and tend to overspend or often feel cross and grumpy. Janet will also be shedding light on the importance of getting enough sleep to help us become more positive and make better decisions throughout our workday.

This discussion is packed with strategies to help us cope with everyday stress and tips to make us appreciate the positive things around us more.

[00:01:41]  Janet Dowling the Teacher

[00:06:48]  Career search after leaving teaching

[00:08:58]  Janet Dowling the Solution Focused Hypnotherapist 

[00:10:19]  The fight, flight, freeze response 

[00:13:40]  A Healthy Mind Platter

[00:15:38]  The Three P's

[00:17:06]  A big difference a good night's sleep can make

[00:21:27]  Tweak all the little areas

[00:23:22]  Focusing on the positive


The books that Janet recommended are as follows:

Why We Sleep:  The New Science of Sleep and Dreams by Matthew Walker

The Yes Brain Child: Help Your Child be More Resilient, Independent and Creative 

Find out more about Janet's work as a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist.   



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