017 Adopting as a teacher

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017 Adopting as a teacher

Join me and Stephen as we chat about adopting as a teacher and adopting as a member of the LGBTQ+ community. We chat about the costs of adoption, support available for adoption as well as the joys that adopting a child can bring to a family. It's a lovely episode that made me smile so much!

This podcast episode surely captures various aspects of a teacher's life and I do hope you find it as inspiring as I did. Fellow secondary school teacher Stephen joins me in the discussion where he shares his and his husband's adoption journey. We talk about how it all began and the process they went through in finding their adorable son as well as the things they needed to consider while preparing for parenthood such as financial preparedness. Prepare for another lesson-packed episode where we touch on parenthood, money management, support and of course the experiences in adopting as a teacher. 

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[00:01:28] The Beginning of Stephen and his husband's child adoption journey

[00:05:42] Considerations when looking into adoption

[00:09:20] Financial preparedness and the added costs when adopting

[00:16:50] Having a great support system from loved ones and at work

[00:21:13] Lifestyle and financial adjustments when becoming parents

[00:29:06] Curious questions and support on adoption

[00:33:56] "What's been the best thing for you about adopting?”


I hope that you got inspired by Stephen's story. True enough, teaching can take much of our time, and often times we get so swamped with work that finding time for our personal lives can be a challenge. But we also do know that we can achieve what we want in life when we really put our hearts and minds into it. Although the lockdown periods we've experienced these past two years came with difficulties, let us not take for granted the added precious time we were given to spend with loved ones and focus more on happiness.

What now?

Eileen x

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