010 How much money do you need for life after teaching?

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010 How much money do you need for life after teaching?

In this episode of the 'Your Money Sorted' podcast, we're going to dive deep into planning for a financially secure life after teaching.

Whether you're dreaming of early retirement or contemplating a career shift right now, it's important to have a clear understanding of the funds you'll need to maintain your lifestyle. We'll share practical tips and strategies to help you work out how much money you'll need for your life after teaching and how to achieve it.

Remember, financial wellbeing is not just about money; it's about having the freedom to do what you love and live life on your terms. So, tune in and embark on this empowering journey towards a financially secure life after teaching.

Hear from teachers just like you who have successfully navigated their finances for life beyond the classroom.

Thinking about retiring early from teaching, about life after teaching, or looking for jobs for ex-teachers? This podcast will help you to work out if you can afford to leave teaching and help them to start planning their next move.

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In this episode, I'm going to talk about some of the reasons why teachers are thinking of leaving the profession and how much do they actually need in order to leave teaching if that's what they really want to do.

The people who ask these types of questions tend to be twofold. Either they want to retire early and they are wondering if they have enough money to do so, or they are thinking of leaving teaching but are not sure how much money they will need to be able to do that.

Aside from the worries brought on by money, teaching stress also plays a big role as to why teachers are thinking of leaving because it's making their lives miserable. We'll look into these here in this episode and should you make up your mind to leave teaching, I am also going to share some steps that I encourage you to take to ensure that you are financially prepared to leave teaching.

[00:02:30] Why do you want to leave teaching?

[00:04:00] How much do I need to leave teaching?

[00:06:30] Download a pension statement

[00:09:30] Work out your survive or thrive costs

[00:11:00] 3 Steps to take before leaving teaching


What now?

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