025 Money books for kids - teaching children about money

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025 Money books for kids - teaching children about money

In this episode I chat with Will Rainey about his strategies for teaching children about money. We also chat about money books for kids, particularly Will's fabulous book designed to help children prosper and grow in today's world. Although the book is mainly aimed at children, the principles apply equally to adults, so have a listen to our chat to learn more about maximising your money both now and in the future.

A true advocate of the “catch them young” principle, Will Rainey joins us in this episode to share his insights on the importance of educating our children about money. He's got a wealth of experience with his background in finance, providing investment advice to governments, insurance companies, and some of the world's largest pension schemes. Will aims to empower parents as well as teachers so that they can not only teach but show their children simple, yet valuable, lessons on money and saving for their future with the help of his book Grandpa's Fortune Fables.

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[02:29] Will Rainey's money influences growing up

[07:03] Not getting into debt and having priorities

[12:08] Empowering parents through Blue Tree Savings

[17:47] Teaching children about money  

[22:20] Focusing on your own journey, not comparing ourselves to others

[23:06] Grandpa's Fortune Fables

With money, it's not really so much about the knowledge. It's about action.

Will Rainey 

What now?

I hope this topic has inspired you to start having money talks with your children. (That’s not to say you can’t do this with your adult children.) We can all learn and start to improve our money habits at any age and live happier lives. If you need tips on how to discuss money with your kids, do check out Will’s website at bluetreesavings.com for games that you can try with them. You can also find his blog articles on there where he shares his insights on a variety of money-related topics.

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