036 Money values and intentional spending with Toria Bono

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036 Money, values and intentional spending with Toria Bono

I am joined by Toria Bono, as we discuss the shift from emotional spending to money values spending. Toria shares her journey of aligning spending with her core money values, focusing on creating a comfortable, joyful home environment. She speaks about how this brings more fulfilment but also positively impacts her financial well-being and mindset.

Toria emphasises the importance of consciously spending on items that enhance her living space, bringing long-lasting joy. She explains how this mindset shift has allowed her to allocate funds intentionally, reduce wasteful spending, and view money as a tool to enhance her life.

We also explore the idea of intentional spending and the decision-making process when faced with social invitations. Toria reflects on her newfound ability to declutter both her physical space and wardrobe, selling unused items to fund projects that truly matter.

The conversation touches on Toria’s teaching career, her accidental entry into a leadership role, and her proactive approach by obtaining a coaching diploma. Toria envisions transitioning into coaching as a long-term plan, leveraging her passion for supporting others in achieving their goals. She sees herself eventually retiring and travelling the world in a campervan, which is totally in line with her money values. 

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[02:00]   Always spending my pocket money

[05:00]   Money was not talked about about at home

[09:00]   From having a nice house and cars to suddenly not having them anymore

[18:00]   Shifting from emotional spending to value-based spending

[28:00]   Grandmother’s “I’m keeping it for best” philosophy

[34:00]   Becoming a qualified coach

[43:00]   Buying a mobile home to tour the UK after retirement


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