019 How to become a happy, rich teacher with Andrew Hallam

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019 How to become a happy, rich teacher with Andrew Hallam

Kicking things off for Series 3 of the Your Money Sorted Teachers’ podcast, I have invited the fascinating Andrew Hallam to share his inspiring story of how he built his wealth with a teacher’s salary. Andrew is also a speaker, author of Millionaire Teacher and millionaire expat books. He is also the first person to have a number one sale in finance books on Amazon USA, Canada, Singapore, and Amazon UAE.

Andrew believes that becoming wealthy is not about how much money you have coming in and instead it's about what you do with that money. Although he is not currently teaching in schools, he uses his passion for sharing knowledge to students by giving financial seminars all over the world. 

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[02:06] Getting to Know Andrew Hallam

[05:13] How Andrew Built his Wealth

[17:18] The Desert Island Litmus Test

[19:05] Life Satisfaction

[26:42] What's your campfire story?

[34:11] Andrew's Tips for Living Well

[37:50] Andrew's Tips for Building Wealth

I started out investing small amounts. I didn't end up knocking anything out of the park. I'm not a crypto currency millionaire or a single tech stock millionaire. I essentially built a portfolio of low cost tracker funds from a really early age. Just kept investing money and let compounding work its magic.

Andrew Hallam 

What now?

I am so happy that I got to meet Andrew and to find out that we share the same belief that values play a very important role in building our wealth. We need to look into our values to better understand how we can, not only save but also build our wealth.

You can find out more about Andrew and the amazing books that he wrote including Balance: How to Invest and Spend for Happiness, Health, and Wealth from his website at andrewhallam.com. You can read his financial articles there as well.


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