018 Staff wellbeing in schools with Frederika Roberts

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018 Staff wellbeing, happiness and money with Frederika Roberts

Staff wellbeing in schools is such an important topic. I am delighted to welcome Happiness Speaker Frederika Roberts to talk about staff wellbeing in schools, as well as money and happiness in general. She is a former teacher and currently spends her time helping schools to embed staff wellbeing in schools in a simple and effective way. Not only that, she has authored, co-authored and co-edited multiple wellbeing books.

We talk about how Frederika overcame her trauma of going back to school, her books, some of her positive psychology research, and the importance of giving importance not just to the wellbeing of students but of staff wellbeing in schools. It's a lovely episode with some fabulous tips for being happier in yourself as well as having a happier relationship with money. 

This is definitely an episode you don't want to miss! 

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This episode is another proof that we learn something new every day. I really find the concept of urge surfing, appreciative inquiry, PERMA strategies and especially whole school wellbeing where representatives of every stakeholder group get involved to improve the processes and systems in a school.

[01:52] Frederika's career path leading to whole school wellbeing

[05:50] Engaging sessions for students of various age groups

[08:45] Improving teacher wellbeing

[12:42] Educate to Flourish

[18:17] Lessening the impact on our mental health

[24:36] Urge surfing

[26:59] Loving yourself more

[29:32] How you spend your money makes a difference

Speaker, trainer, lecturer and former teacher Frederika Roberts helps schools embed wellbeing into everyday practices. She holds an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and is undertaking a Doctorate in Education, researching whole-school wellbeing. Frederika is founder of Educate to Flourish CIC and author/co-author/co-editor of multiple school wellbeing books.

Visit Frederika's website to know more about the books that she has authored and co-authored like For Nourishing's Sake and the Character Toolkit for Teachers. Check out her not-for-profit organisation Educate to Flourish as well to know about the various research she has conducted on whole-school wellbeing. Having Happiness speaker Frederika Roberts on the show was so fun and we do hope she'll grace us with her presence again in the future!

She has also kindly offered 10% discount on her book For Flourishing's Sake and you can order this here. 

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