028 Why remortgage with Dan Does Mortgages

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028 Why remortgage with Dan Does Mortgages

Why remortgage? Join me and Dan, from Dan Does Mortgages, as we discuss how your mortgage needs may change over time, and how you can mould your mortgage to suit your particular situation.

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[03:24] Advice to first-time home buyers

[08:31] From Help to Buy ISA to Lifetime ISA

11:49] Considerations when choosing your mortgage term

15:49] Variable rate versus fixed rate

[20:06] Mortgage overpayments

The beauty of being able to refinance your property is that you can adjust it for your circumstances at that time.

Dan Does Mortgages

What now?

Don't worry if you have not started saving money, we can all start saving at any age and plan for a better future! And when it comes to big purchases such as getting your very first property, you'll need all the help that you can get. Fortunately, Dan is here to provide help with your home buying journey. Follow him on Instagram at dandoesmortgages_ as he shares daily bits of knowledge and you can also get in touch with him there to discuss progressing with your home mortgage. 

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