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Breaking a poverty mindset with a motivated money mindset

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Breaking a poverty mindset with a motivated money mindset

Motivated Money Mindset

From breaking a poverty mindset to curbing habitual overspending, this fantastic free programme will help you to create a motivated money mindset.  It will help you to pay off debt, create savings and start to plan effectively for a secure and happy future, with money available for all the things you love.  The programme has simple actionable tasks for you to complete.  If you want to create a happier, healthier and wealthier life, you can join Motivated Money Mindset below, then read on!

Join Motivated Money Mindset for quick weekly tasks to help you to create a happy, stable and secure life

feel good about money

Many people today struggle with money, yet the problem is rarely about the money itself.  It’s much more about our attitude and feelings towards money, and the impact that these have on the decisions we make about money.  Feeling worried, anxious and negative about money, is common for so many people.  With feelings like this, it can be difficult to battle through the fear and find the motivation to change your financial situation.  Instead creating a sense of positivity and enthusiasm about the future, is really motivating, meaning that making changes feels easy and exciting.

A quick example

I spent years feeling rubbish about money! We had planned 2 kids and nice lifestyle, lovely house and numerous foreign holidays with few money worries. However baby 2 became babies 2 & 3, and with the arrival of our twins our whole lives were changed. As well as the physical strain of having 3 under 2, the cost of having 3 children has had a huge impact on us.

I felt that I wasn’t coping with anything! However, I felt trapped. I had to keep teaching, because I made considerably more than my hubby. But I felt like a terrible mum, and an even worse teacher. Eventually I knew that I couldn’t go on like that, so cut back on teaching, and started my own bookkeeping business. This helped my mental health, but I took a huge cut in income.

I began to feel constantly worried about money. My immediate reaction to anything money related was always negative.  I felt poor, skint and helpless and developed a poverty mindset.  Slowly I began to realise that feeling sorry for myself, and blaming the world at large was not going to achieve anything. I started searching for the answer and began reading and learning about money mindset.  I realised that me, and my poverty mindset, were the problem.  If anything was to change, then I had to start by breaking my poverty mindset.

breaking poverty mindset

Breaking poverty mindset

When I started learning about breaking a poverty mindset, and about how to develop a more positive money mindset, everything began to change.  I became fascinated by the impact that mindset has on the way we manage money, and realised that most people’s problems with money are related to mindset in one way and another.

I now believe that anything is possible – that I am in charge of my own destiny and that it is up to me to make it happen. And I now want to help other women to change their mindset around money, and live a life that is free from money worries.

mindset coaching courses

What should you do?

Being in debt, finding it difficult to make ends meet or feeling stressed and anxious about money is a scary place. Having no savings, or no idea when you can afford to retire, can prey on your mind, and create a sense of unease.  It’s easy to become overwhelmed by it.

You may not know what to do, or are stuck in a place of fear where doing nothing seems like the easier option. You may be just hoping that it all works out somehow. Or you might be playing the blame game, like I did, but that’s a cop out!  None of these things will help you to change.

You have a choice

There is only person who can change your situation. And that is YOU.  It’s up to you how your life turns out. Don’t waste one more minute on blame, shame or helplessness. It’s now time to create the life you want.

In Motivated Money Mindset I will help you to create a more secure financial life, and the support and encouragement from others in the group, as well as myself, will help you to stay on track.

millionaire mindset pdf

Let’s get started.

Firstly, come and join the Your Money Sorted Facebook group, where you will get loads of free support and encouragement.  

I am now going to suggest 4 things which will help you to get started on your money motivation journey.

Task 1  Record your thoughts

Download the Motivated Money Mindset booklet, which will help you to keep track throughout the programme. You will need to confirm your email before, receiving the booklet.  Check your junk mail, if you don’t receive it immediately.

Task 2  Look back to look forward

Think of your past year and start thinking about what you want less of in the next year?

Do you want less stress? Less work? Less conflict with the children? Fewer money worries? Have a good think about what you would like to remove from your life in the coming year, and write it down in as much detail as you can.

Task 3  Looking forward

Now let’s think of what you would like more of in the coming year.

Do you want to spend more time with friends? Have more fun? Be able to pay more money towards your debts? A fabulous family holiday? Get really specific about this, and give as much detail as you can.

Task 4  A year from now!

A useful tool for motivation, and for actually achieving what you want is to picture yourself in the future.

Where do you want to be a year from now? What do you want your life to look like? Who are you with? What changes have taken place in regards to money? And what decisions have you made? What has changed in your work/home/family life?

A really powerful tool for motivation is to create a vision of your future self.   You could do this by using the answers to the above questions and:

Remember to come along and join the Your Money Sorted group, so that you can enjoy sharing successes with others in the group.

Eileen x

I am a money mindset coach, helping women to create happier, healthier and wealthier lives, through helping them to feel good about money.  A certified money coach, I offer free and paid money mindset coaching courses, empowering women to learn new money skills and to become confident in managing their money.


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