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Is this one of the best Facebook groups for women?

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Is this one of the best Facebook groups for women?

I love my Your Money Sorted Facebook group, am really proud of how it is turning out, and think it is on the way to being one of the best Facebook groups that women can join.  It might sound as if I am blowing my own trumpet, but it is not about me – it’s about the women in the group, and the interaction between us all.  It is full of supportive and caring women, who are all on a mission to improve their lives through improving their financial situation.  I started it a couple of years ago, with one simple dream.

To help women to become happier, healthier and wealthier.

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Many of the women who join the group are professional women – teachers, nurses and women in other stressful roles, all dealing with huge levels of responsibility at work.  But when it comes to their money, they are feeling out of control, and often think that they are the only one who feels like this.   They often feel guilt, shame and even anger about their situation, but just don’t know what to do.

Why is this?

Well, too often we are made to feel that it’s rude to talk about money.  That discussing our finances is crass.  Or that women don’t need to know about mortgages, savings or pensions.

That’s complete nonsense.

In today’s world it is essential that women are educated and confident around money.  That we know enough to be able to make good decisions.  That we are aware of our feelings about money, and about how these feelings affect our finances.  And that we can ask questions when there is something that we don’t understand.

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No teaching

Only those who were fortunate enough to have parents able to guide us, have learned about money as we grew up.  Many others have never had the opportunity to learn about money.  It’s only now that Financial Education is beginning to appear in schools, and I feel very fortunate to be one of those who is able to deliver that to the next generation.  But I still feel that many others have missed that opportunity, and I want to be able to help them, to help themselves.

That’s why I became a financial coach and started Your Money Sorted.

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Why is it one of the best Facebook groups for women?

In it I share loads of tips, suggestions and blog posts, all designed to help women have more money to spend on the things they love.  Group members are encouraged to talk about how they feel about money, to ask questions, and to share any worries that they have around money.  It’s also about the women in the group – they are willing to help each other, and share their stories, slowly making it seem OK to talk about money!

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Free help

I offer various freebies, as well as run monthly free challenges and courses, all designed to help the group members to have more money in their pockets.  Examples of previous challenges are the savings challenge, PPI challenge and the emergency £500 challenge.

Why do some of my lovely group members say it’s one of the best Facebook groups around?

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I want it to be one of the best Facebook groups for women!  However, I need more women to help!  This is the group for you if you:

  • are female
  • would like to join a friendly and helpful community
  • feel that your financial situation could be better
  • would like to improve your confidence and knowledge
  • would love to feel great about money!

To be welcomed into the Your Money Sorted Facebook group please click here.

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 Eileen x

I am a teacher, financial coach, money blogger and mum to 3 teenagers.  I would love to be able to help you to create a better life for yourself by helping you to improve your finances, so please pop over to the Your Money Sorted Facebook group and I will see you there!

Eileen Adamson Financial Coach


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