030 Become a tutor? How Richard has transitioned from teacher to tutor

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030 Become a tutor? How Richard has transitioned from teacher to tutor

How to become a tutor is one of the topics, as I welcome Richard Cowell, founder of Richard Cowell Education. In this episode we explore his journey from teaching to launching a tutoring business. 

We reflect on how Richard's early money memories influenced his financial outlook. Richard discusses the challenges he faced in the teaching profession, which led to a career reassessment. He emphasises the importance of teachers recognising their value and seeking alternative paths to create wealth and free time. Richard's story highlights the common obstacles and fears teachers encounter when considering non-traditional career options.

Delving deeper into Richard Cowell's journey, we discover how his family's diverse business experiences played a role in shaping his entrepreneurial spirit. Richard speaks about the importance of building a supportive network and provides us with an insight to his transition from a teacher to a thriving business owner. Richard's enthusiasm for helping teachers establish their tutoring businesses and the community he has cultivated to support them shines through. He now helps teachers and former teachers to become a tutor. 

You can find out more about Richard and his services here.

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[01:00]  Richard’s first money memory

[05:38]  The teaching industry around payment and time

[17:00]  Moving on from teaching

[25:00]  Working less hours, under less stress but bringing in more money

[28:00]  Having the right support network

[30:00] Tips on setting up your own business as a tutor


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