016 Being a burnt out teacher - impact, strategies and solutions

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16 Being a burnt out teacher - impact, strategies and solutions

Burnout amongst teachers has never been so prevalent, so if you are feeling like a burnt out teacher, this one is for you. In this episode I chat with Jessica and Hannah, who have both felt that teacher stress and found strategies to help them deal with it. It's such an open and honest chat about teacher mental health, imposter syndrome, unrealistic expectations and outstanding teachers.

Without the right support, the ongoing stress can eventually lead to teacher burnout. This is why it is important to recognise that we are heroes, but we're not superheroes!

We chat about the impact teacher burnout has had on their money and their lives in general, as well as the strategies they used to help them cope and even enjoy teaching again!

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[00:01:28] Welcome Hannah and Jessica, here to share their personal stories of teacher burnout

[00:04:52] Impact of the culture in schools on teachers

[00:08:31] Not taking time off and pushing yourself harder instead

[00:13:05] Factors that drive teachers to burnout point

[00:17:25] Teachers setting realistic expectations for themselves

[00:21:19} Rediscovering the love and joy of teaching

[00:25:00] Impact of teacher burnout on money

[00:32:32] Re-assessing values that are most important to you

[00:35:53] Tips for teachers who are approaching burnout


It's up to us to start making choices that is going to benefit ourselves and which will then in turn benefit the children that we teach, the colleagues that we work with, our own families and our friends.  Jessica

I have to be realistic about what I can do and the hours that I'm in school and once I'm realistic about it,and once I reflect on it and the skills that I have worked on since having this really dark time, my self-reflection skills have gotten so much better.  Hannah

I think everybody needs to put themselves first and needs to think about what's going to make them happy and then realise that you do have choices and that you can actually make decisions that will make a difference to your future. Eileen 

What now?

Eileen x

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