038 Getting out of teaching as a new mum and mastering money

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038 Mastering money and getting out of teaching as a new mum

On this episode, I am joined by Kerry Quinn, a former teacher, who has succeeded in getting out of teaching and into social media management. Kerry shares her early money memories, financial struggles, and lessons learned during her journey. The episode delves into Kerry's challenges with seeking financial help, especially when getting out of teaching and into entrepreneurship.

The conversation explores financial planning in parenthood and the mindset shift required charging for services in a business. Kerry emphasises the crucial role of strategic thinking about money and expresses gratitude for the support from her wife, Gemma. 

We chat about the importance of understanding one's unique value in business and the impact that it has on charging your worth.. 

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[05:00]    Buying my first property at 21

[08:00]    Rude awakening since leaving teaching

[14:00]    “Let’s jump and see what happens.”

[22:00]    Becoming more strategic with money

[27:00]    Providing teachers with growth in their business

[23:00]    Money to me means freedom. Freedom to travel.

What now?

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