032 Kids pocket money, teaching children about money & so much more!

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032 Kids pocket money, teaching children about money & so much more!

Kids pocket money is just one of the topics I chat to Jo Adams, the director of Primary Tuition Limited about. Jo, a former teacher, shares her journey from the classroom to launching her tutoring business, offering insights into the financial decisions that shaped her life and career path. We discuss the impact of teaching on Jo’s well-being and how her mindset shifted when she sought a more balanced lifestyle.

We discuss the importance of early money memories and how they influence financial behaviour. Jo shares her first money memory of pocket money and the lesson she learned about earning money by doing chores. They explore the impact of her father's redundancy, which led him to start his own business and the valuable lessons she gained from it. The conversation also touches on teaching kids pocket money and the importance of letting them make their own spending choices.

The conversation delves into the importance of managing time and money effectively, especially for those who trade their time for income. Jo reveals her plans for the future of her business, including the development of resources to generate income and prepare for financial security. Jo also shares her most significant money dream, which revolves around travel and making cherished memories with her husband.

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Find out more about Jo, the director of Primary Tuition Limited and author of Busy Bees Times Tables Workbook: Learn Your Times Tables Step by Step.

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[01:00]  Why am I not getting any pocket money?

[07:00]  When you earn it yourself, you appreciate it so much more.

[11:00]  Learning from your spending 

[19:00]  Rollercoaster spender: What makes you have that splurge?

[23:00]  Getting off the school treadmill

[28:00]  Starting your tutoring business

[33:00]  Busy Bees Times Tables Workbook

[38:00]  Joanne’s biggest money dream

What now?

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