034 Liz's inspiring journey to financial wellbeing

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034 Liz's Inspiring Journey to Financial Wellbeing

On this episode of The Your Money Sorted Podcast, I introduce Liz, a passionate teacher from Scotland and a valuable member of the Money Cafe community. 

The episode kicks off with a glimpse into Liz's earliest money memories, anchored by a red tapestry purse that symbolises her family's approach to managing essentials and luxuries. Liz shares insights into her spending habits in her 20s and 30s, highlighting a pivotal wake-up moment that led her to re-evaluate her financial choices.

Liz's story unfolds with the revelation of her well-structured 10-year plan taking an unexpected turn into a 10-month reality. The decision to move across the country, leaving full-time teaching position, shows the power of intentional living and mindset shifts. The episode explores how Liz's participation in the Money Cafe facilitated this transformation, emphasising the importance of breaking down overwhelming challenges into manageable steps.

We delve into the concept of manifesting desires, with Liz sharing a delightful example involving a simple wish for a new toaster. The episode concludes with a glimpse into Liz's current pursuit of a dream home, underscoring the impact of clear financial goals and intentional living.

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