037 Saving for the future v enjoying now: striking the balance

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037 Striking the balance: enjoying now v saving for the future

On this episode of the podcast, I am joined by guest, Arthur, to explore the delicate balance between enjoying the present and saving for the future. Arthur opens up about his tendency to overthink spending on leisure activities, revealing the internal struggle to strike a harmonious balance. I draw from my own experiences, and emphasise the significance of setting specific goals for savings, especially when planning for children's futures. 

We dive into broader topics like money mindset, financial planning, and the transition to self-employment. We highlight the importance of clear financial goals, creating designated funds, and navigating challenges tied to cashless transactions. The conversation touches on concerns surrounding the buy now, pay later culture targeting young people and the necessity for comprehensive financial education. Arthur shares his money dreams, focusing on stress-free trips and supporting his children's future endeavours. 

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[05:00]   Spending money on experiences rather than material things

[09:00]   Having the autonomy on spending my weekly allowance

[11:00]   As with many things, it is a balancing act

[22:00]   Shifting from a regular income job to self employment

[27:00]   Teaching young people to manage money in the real world

[23:00]   Enjoying a trip without worrying about what is costs

What now?

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