031 Impulse spending vs saving & security. A fascinating chat with Krissi.

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031 Impulse spending vs saving & security. A fascinating chat with Krissi.

Spending vs saving is a feature of this conversation with Krissi Saccoh, director of The Tutor Boss, a flourishing tuition company. Krissi opens up about her earliest money memory, recalling the delight of receiving a £50 note in her childhood. Although this instilled a sense of richness and celebration, Krissi chat about her difficulty with balancing spending vs saving. 

Their discussion delves into the profound influence of money mindset, emphasising its formation during childhood and the importance of understanding these early experiences to make positive financial changes. Krissi’s journey from teaching to entrepreneurship is a testament to the potential teachers possess for creating successful businesses. Eileen and Krissi encourage teachers to embrace their unique skill set and consider alternative paths to financial stability beyond traditional employment. 

You can find out more about Krissi and her work here.

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