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I have been asked so many questions about my Path to Financial Security course lately, so I thought it might be useful to make them into a post of their own.  I hope that these help to answer any queries that you may have about the course.  If there is anything that is not covered here, then please get in touch and I will answer them.

Who is the course for?

If you are a professional woman, who feels that your money situation is not quite under control then this course could be for you. 

It's about investigating habits, attitudes and values around money, and about creating a life that works for you and your family.  It might be about having more holidays, more time off, paying off debts, or saving more effectively for the future.  It's about YOU and about your family, and it's about making sure that your money allows you to achieve all the things that are important in your life.

If you are ready to change and prepared to put in a little bit of work, then this course is for you. It can help you to change your life. If you are not prepared to change, and won't bother doing the work, then please don't sign up!  I don't want you to waste your money, because I can only help people who are prepared to help themselves.

How does the course work?

It's all hosted on an online platform, with 24/7 access on any device, making it ideal for busy women.  It's an interactive platform, with a mix of video, written content and a fantastic course booklet to help you to focus on your thoughts.  It will help you to identify your strengths and weaknesses, as well as building an individual action plan, to help you to reach your exciting goals.

creating financial security

The course allows you to sign up anonymously, meaning that you can happily talk about your situation, without fear of recognition.  This is really important, because being able talk openly, is an incredibly cathartic process, helping you to move forward quickly.  The relationship that is built up between all the women in the course is fantastic, with everyone supporting each other as we move through the course.

I’m interested, but I just don’t think I will have time for it. What can you suggest?

If money is holding you back, then you have to make time to change it. Time is precious, but our time on earth is even more precious!  Don't waste another minute thinking about it - just get signed up. 

The course is designed in bite-size chunks to fit around hectic lifestyles.  Get up half an hour early, switch off the soaps, do it during lunch break or make time at the weekend. It can be done in 10 hours a week and I promise it will be worth your while.

I love the sound of it, but it just seems so hard to take the plunge. Have you got any advice?

Clients describe my courses as exciting, motivating, inspiring and life-changing. The hardest thing is making the decision to join – once that’s done, the rest is easy!

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Why can’t I learn all of this myself from books and internet? Why do I need your course?

Lots of the information on the course CAN be found on the internet. However, the step-by-step process, with thought-provoking questions, make this a personal and valuable experience that just cannot be replicated by yourself.   

I have spent hours gathering information to give you exactly the information you NEED, in a simple format that lets you learn quickly and efficiently, thereby saving you hours of time.

Why should I invest the money in this course?

85% of previous clients say that my courses are EXCELLENT value for money.

Results from a similar 28 day course can be seen here.

finance for freedom FAQs

You can be confident that you are making an amazing investment in your future. Remember I offer a full 30 day money back guarantee. If you complete the course and are not 100% happy, please send me your completed booklet and I will refund you.

For any other questions, that are not covered here please get in touch. 

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Still not sure?

Could you give yourself a payrise?

Check out these 6 great reasons for joining the course

No time for courses?  Find out how you could make time to invest in yourself and your future. 



Or be inspired by other women, just like you, who have created lives that work for them, by using money effectively.

Eileen x  

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